St Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
Serbian Orthodox Diocese of East. America

          Saturday, 13 May 2006, 7:00PM

    Serbian-American Alliance of New England (SANE) and
    St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church 

    are proudly inviting you to 


    Join us as we celebrate fifth anniversary of the renowned Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble Grachanitsa.

     GRACHANITSA Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble. Five years ago a group of folk enthusiasts from the Boston area started exploring the rich heritage of folk dancing and music from different parts of the former Yugoslavia. Its members hail from the Balkan region, the United States, Canada, and France. Today, and some 30 performances later, Grachanitsa has become known throughout the Northeast for its original choreographies, elaborate costumes, perfected style and attention to detail.

    An evening of dance and music will include performances of Grachanitsa and their special guests:

    • Kolo Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble of Hamilton, Canada
    • Children's Ensemble of St. Sava Church

    Kolo Serbian Folklore Ensemble was formed in 1969 in Hamilton, Canada as an integral part of "St. Nicholas" Serbian Orthodox Church on Barton Street. Ensemble has performed in many North American cities, from Ottawa to San Diego, and Edmonton to Cincinnati achieving over 800 performances. These include performances at Commonweath Games (Edmonton), Canadian National Exhibition (Toronto), Canada Festival (Ottawa), Slavic Festivals at the Lincoln Center in New York City, and a US/Canada/Australia Folk Fest in Sand Diego. It prides itself on the perpetuation of authentic choreography and costume design, and most importantly, on the preservation of Serbian ethnic heritage.

     Evening includes live entertainment and a dance party following the concert.

    Ethnic appetizers and desserts will be served.

    Tickets at the door. Adults $25, Children under 12 free


    St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church Hall
    41 Alewife Brook Parkway
    Cambridge, MA

    Please contact George Koldzich at for additional information

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"Balkan Strings Trio dedication to the music of the Balkans and central Europe is inspiring. The guitar interpretations of this music are wonderful. They are really good!!!"

***John McLaughlin-guitarist

WINNER - Music World 2004 - The best instrumental ensemble - Italy

WINNER - World category of the 2005 Songwriting  Competition with composition "Water-mill" written by Nikola Starcevic - USA

"Trio performs its original instrumental music, a fusion of many Balkan elements: Serbian, Gypsy, Romanian, Bulgarian, Moldavian, Macedonian, Oriental…including some Jazz improvisations too. The result, combining many cultures, is rich and unconventional, fresh and spontaneous, brimming with energy......"

Click here for more information


Zoran Starcevic-guitar,composer

Nikola Starcevic-guitar, classical guitar professor, composer

Zeljko Starcevic-guitar

"Their music is like a handmade carpet, colorful and full of beautiful ornaments...."



41 Alewife Brook Parkway

Cambridge, MA 02140


IF you buy tickets BEFORE JULY 14th………$20

(please, send us a check on the address above, with the note: "Balkan Strings concert")

$15 STUDENTS  (with a valid student ID)

CHILDREN under 12 - FREE

APPETIZERS will be served

? If you would like to know more about Balkan Strings Trio, please visit their website:

? If you have questions, you would like to book the table, please email us at:







With the blessings of His Grace Bishop Mitrophan of Eastern America an exhibit of frescoes and replica-frescoes from the Serbian monasteries of Kosovo and Methohija was held at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Boston, MA.  click here....

Trio Balkan Strings Concert

On Saturday , July 15, 2006  a concert was held at St. Sava Church hall. Music was performed by gutarists from Belgrade, Serbia Zoran Starcevic and his two sons. They brought us a wonderful music from Serbia and other Balkan regios. About 150 people enjoyed first a concert music and than dancing.  Besides St. Sava parishioners concert was attended by many from American, Bulgarian and Macedonian community.

Thanks to Dragan Grujic and all the people who took part in organizing this event.

Shadeland camp
This year more than seventy children attended first week of church camp in Shadeland ,PA including more than ten children and three volunteers from Boston parish. Children enjoyed beautiful camp grounds and diferent activities in camp. For more photos visit our photo album.
Serbian Festival

We are excited to host our First Serbian Festival at our new church in Cambridge. 

Besides homemade food, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy live music under a tent and a special performance by Gratchanitca Folklore Ensemble at 7 p.m. Also, there will be plenty of souvenirs, books, CDs and other items for sale.  An icon exhibit from Serbia will be shown in the church hall. There will be some activities for children.

Zlatne Uste Brass band from NY will perform.

This event is open to both our parishioners and to the public.

Free admission.  Food and drinks will be sold.

President of Serbia to visit our church
We are pleased to announce that the President of Serbia Mr. Boris Tadic along with Serbian Ambassador Mr. Ivan Vujacic and other dignitaries will attend the Serbian Festival at St. Sava Church in Cambridge, MA on Saturday, September 23, 2006. Because of their limited time and busy schedule they will come early and spend time with us from 12-1 p.m.
Please make an effort to come at noon and welcome President Tadic. It is the first time that we at St Sava parish are honerd with a presidental visit
First Anniversary Celebration

Please join us for

First Anniversary Fall Fundraiser Dinner/Dance

November 18, 2006

Vespers at 6 p.m.

Dinner at 7 p.m.

Performance by Grachanitsa Folklore Ensemble

Music by Cedo Jovanovic & Snezana Stosic


Tickets $60 , students $30

Children under 12 free

St. Sava Celebration

Dear Parishioners:
Please register your children for the annual program in honor of the Feast Day of St. Sava (01/27/2007). The deadline for all applications is Sunday, December 10, 2006, at which time the poems and scripts will be distributed. This year we will have the special honor of celebrating the Feast Day of St. Sava with His Grace Bishop Mitrofan. For that reason, we would like to put in extra effort to make this year’s program more sophisticated and varied than the last.
All children are welcome to participate, regardless of native language or whether they are enrolled in Sunday School.
We look forward to having your children participate in large numbers and that you will help them learn their poems and scripts to the best of their ability.
To register your children, please see Serbian language teacher Jelena Glisovic or send an e-mail to



Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares (Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices)

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 at 7:30 p.m.

or call 212-868-4444
Nikola Tesla Celebration

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla
Dr. Marc J. Seifer
Dr. Marc J. Seifer
Dr. Marc J. Seifer

Lecture by Dr  Marc J. Seifer

to celebrate

150 years of Tesla’s birth

When: December 1, 2006,

Where: St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church of Boston,

41 Alewife Brook Parkway
Cambridge, Mass

An internationally sought-after speaker with over 70 publications, Dr. Marc J. Seifer is an expert on Nikola Tesla, Serbian-American inventor and engineer who discovered the rotating magnetic field, the basis of most alternating-current machinery. Tesla’s inventions make him one of the foremost pioneers in the distribution of electric energy.

Dr. Seifer is the author of the acclaimed biography Wizard: The Life & Times of Nikola Tesla as well as Nikola Tesla: The Man Who Harnessed Niagara Falls. Dr. Seifer has lectured at the United Nations, King’s College, Cambridge University, Oxford University, West Point Military Academy, and at conferences in Hawaii, Israel, Serbia and Croatia. He teaches psychology at Rogers Williams University.

Book sale and signing event will take place after the lecture.

Entrance free of charge. Event sponsored by the Serbian Orthodox Church of Boston and the Serbian-American Alliance of New England




17. februar 2007

pocetak u 7 sati uvece

Zabavljace vas Jelena i Marijo uz stare i nove pesme zabavne i narodne muzike

Ulaz $10

Ako zelite da cujete malo muzike od Jelene i Marija kliknite ovde

Great Lent

We wish you a blessed beginning of Great Lent!

Click on Service Schedule to see complete calendar of services.

Vespers on Sunday of Orthodoxy, March 25  will be served at 5.m. at St. Athanasius Greek Orthodox Church in Arlington , MA

An Introduction to Great Lent by Fr Alexander Schmemann

Excerpts from Fr Alexander Schmemann's Great Lent

When a man leaves on a journey, he must know where he is going. Thus with Lent. Above all, Lent is a spiritual journey and its destination is Easter, "the Feast of Feasts." It is the preparation for the "fulfillment of Pascha, the true Revelation." We must begin, therefore, by trying to understand this connection between Lent and Easter, for it reveals something very essential, very crucial about our Christian faith and life.

Is it necessary to explain that Easter is much more than one of the feasts, more than a yearly commemoration of a past event? Anyone who has, be it only once, taken part in that night which is "brighter than the day," who has tasted of that unique joy, knows it. [...] On Easter we celebrate Christ's Resurrection as something that happened and still happens to us. For each one of us received the gift of that new life and the power to accept it and live by it. It is a gift which radically alters our attitude toward everything in this world, including death. It makes it possible for us to joyfully affirm: "Death is no more!" Oh, death is still there, to be sure, and we still face it and someday it will come and take us. But it is our whole faith that by His own death Christ changed the very nature of death, made it a passage — a "passover," a "Pascha" — into the Kingdom of God, transforming the tragedy of tragedies into the ultimate victory. [...]

Such is that faith of the Church, affirmed and made evident by her countless Saints. Is it not our daily experience, however, that this faith is very seldom ours, that all the time we lose and betray the "new life" which we received as a gift, and that in fact we live as if Christ did not rise from the dead, as if that unique event had no meaning whatsoever for us? [...] We simply forget all this — so busy are we, so immersed in our daily preoccupations — and because we forget, we fail. And through this forgetfulness, failure, and sin, our life becomes "old" again — petty, dark, and ultimately meaningless — a meaningless journey toward a meaningless end. [...] We may from time to time acknowledge and confess our various "sins," yet we cease to refer our life to that new life which Christ revealed and gave to us. Indeed, we live as if He never came. This is the only real sin, the sin of all sins, the bottomless sadness and tragedy of our nominal Christianity.

If we realize this, then we may understand what Easter is and why it needs and presupposes Lent. For we may then understand that the liturgical traditions of the Church, all its cycles and services, exist, first of all, in order to help us recover the vision and the taste of that new life which we so easily lose and betray, so that we may repent and return to it. [...] And yet the "old" life, that of sin and pettiness, is not easily overcome and changed. The Gospel expects and requires from man an effort of which, in his present state, he is virtually incapable. [...] This is where Great Lent comes in. This is the help extended to us by the Church, the school of repentance which alone will make it possible to receive Easter not as mere permission to eat, to drink, and to relax, but indeed as the end of the "old" in us, as our entrance into the "new." [...] For each year Lent and Easter are, once again, the rediscovery and the recovery by us of what we were made through our own baptismal death and resurrection.

A journey, a pilgrimage! Yet, as we begin it, as we make the first step into the "bright sadness" of Lent, we see — far, far away — the destination. It is the joy of Easter, it is the entrance into the glory of the Kingdom. And it is this vision, the foretaste of Easter, that makes Lent's sadness bright and our lenten effort a "spiritual spring." The night may be dark and long, but all along the way a mysterious and radiant dawn seems to shine on the horizon. "Do not deprive us of our expectation, O Lover of man!"

Glory be to God!
Diocesan Assembly



Boston, Ma - The St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church will be the host for the 2007 Annual Assembly of the Diocese of Eastern America. The assembly will convene at 5:00pm on Friday, March 9, 2007.

A lunch will be prepared for those arriving earlier. In order to be better prepared for all the guests the host priest, V. Rev. Aleksandar Vlajkovic, has requested that all participants arriving earlier contact him at 617-876-0707 or

Подсећање на НАТО бомбардовање

24. МАРТ 1999 – 24. МАРТ 2007. ГОДИНЕ

НАТО бомбардовање Савезне Републике Југославије (названа Операција Савезничка сила), често под називом "НАТО агресија" трајало је од 24. марта до 10. јуна 1999. године и део је косовског рата 1996-1999. То је било друго важније војно уплитање НАТО-а после бомбардовања босанских Срба у операција "Намерна сила" 1995. године и највећи војни сукоб на простору Србије и Црне Горе од времена Другог светског рата.

НАТО је 24. марта 1999. године у 20 часова почео ваздушне нападе на војне циљеве у СРЈ да би се касније удари проширили и на привредне и цивилне објекте. У нападима који су без прекида трајали 78 дана тешко су оштећени инфраструктура, привредни објекти, школе, здравствене установе, медијске куће, споменици културе, цркве, манастири...

Економски експерти проценили су штету на око 30 милијарди долара. Коначан број жртава званично није саопштен, а процене се крећу између 1.200 и 2.500 погинулих и око 5.000 рањених.

Напади су суспендовани 10. јуна, после потписивања војно-техничког споразума о повлачењу југословенске војске и полиције са Косова и Метохије.

Мотиви за НАТО бомбардовање СРЈ су многобројни. Пре свега, НАТО је захтевао оружану интервенцију из тог разлога, што кроз Савет безбедности УН нису успеле да издејствују одлуку за оружану интервенцију у СРЈ због противљења Кине и Русије, сталних чланица са правом вета.

Из тог разлога, НАТО се одлучио на самосталну оружану интервенцију, наводећи као разлог да је делегација Југославије одбила да потпише понуђени споразум у Рамбујеу. Понуђеним споразумом је озбиљно угрожаван суверенитет СР Југославије: захтеван је улазак НАТО трупа на Косово и Метохију и њихово слободно кретање целокупном територијом СРЈ, и предвиђан референдум о самоопредељењу на Косову и Метохији кроз 3 године чији би резултати били ”значајан фактор” у одлучи о коначном статусу. Многи посматрачи су овај споразум оценили као ултиматум за који се унапред знало да га делегација Југославије не може потписати.

Као разлог за рат 1999. године представљена је заштита Албанаца на Косову и Метохији од етничког цисцења, како наводног дугорочног тако и акутног често описиваног термином ”хуманитарна катастрофа”. Масовно бекство албанског становништва из јужне српске покрајине започело тек неколико дана после почетка бомбардовања.

Генерални секретар НАТО Хавијер Солана 24. марта 1999. године у око 19.30 часова, само десетак минута после полетања већег броја авиона из базе НАТО у италијанском граду Авијану, објавио је да су започели ваздушни напади против војних циљева у СРЈ. Бомбардовање је трајало укупно 77 дана.

Последњи гађани циљ на Косову и Метохији била је касарна у Урошевцу, на коју је у среду, 10. јуна око 19.35 сати испаљено пет пројектила. "После тога није било напада, већ само прелетање авиона НАТО над Косовом и Метохијом", рекао је дежурни у покрајинском центру за обавештавање.

Кумановски споразум је војно-технички споразум између Међународних безбедносних снага ("КФОР") и влада Савезне Републике Југославије и Републике Србије.

Стране овог Споразума потврђују документ који је фински председник Ахтисари поднео, а уједно га одобрава и Народна скупштина Србије и Савезна влада СРЈ 3. јуна 1999. године. Споразум укључује размештање око 45.000 војника на Косову и Метохији, махом из земаља НАТО а под покровитељством Уједињених нација, ефикасног међународног цивилног и безбедносног присуства. Стране даље констатују да је Савет безбедности спреман да усвоји резолуцију која је у поступку, у вези са овим присуствима.

У нападима на СР Југославију НАТО снаге користиле су око хиљаду летелица (ловци, ловци-бомбардери, бомбардери, шпијунски авиони итд.), односно скоро цео НАТО савез (осим Исланда и Луксембурга - који немају ваздушне снаге, и Грчке, која није учествовала у бомбардовању). У списак не улазе ни Мађарска, Чешка Република и Пољска које су се тек придружиле НАТО-у и нису још чиниле део војног апарата, мада је пред крај рата на Космет послата нпр. и чешко-пољска болница. Највећу војну заступљеност имале су Сједињене Америчке Државе, мада су и остале чланице имале немалу улогу у агресији.

У бомбардовању је погунуло око 2.000 цивила. Највише погинулих било је у нападима на путнички воз код Грделице 12. априла (11), на колону албанских избеглица на Косову 14. априла (75), на зграду РТС-а у Београду 23. априла (16), на Сурдулицу 28. априла (16), на путнички аутобус код места Лужани 1. маја (23), на Ниш касетним бомбама 7. маја (20), и на крају најтежи напад на цивиле, 14. маја на другу колону албанских избеглица крај Призрена, са 87 мртвих. Напад који је добио највећу медијску пажњу био је напад 8. маја на амбасаду Народне Републике Кине у Београду, који је изазвао велику дипломатску напетост између влада те државе и САД-а. У том су нападу убијена три кинеска службеника амбасаде. НАТО савез је ову наводну грешку оправдао ”застарелим мапама”. У Србији се до 1999. регистровало између 15.000 и 20.000 нових случајева канцера, да би тај број већ 2004. достигао цифру од 30.000 нових болесника.

Према званицним информацијама, губици у редовима НАТО били су релативно ниски, највише због неиспуњавања претње копненом операцијом. Осим неких присилних слетања неколико оштећених авиона Ф-15, британског Херјера и једног А-10 са рањеним пилотом у Сарајеву и Скопљу, губици су следећи: 27. марта Југословенска ПВО срушила амерички "невидљиви" бомбардер Ф-117 Ноћни соко, што је прво обарање таквог авиона стелт технологије. Пилот спашен 6 сати после обарања; 26. априла у Албанији пао амерички хеликоптер АХ-64 Апач, током тренажне мисије. Двојица пилота повредена; 1. маја пао амерички АВ-8Б Харијер услед механичког квара при слетању на носач авиона. Пилот спасен; 2. маја амерички Ф-16 срушен западно од Београда. Пилот спасен; 5. маја у Албанији пао амерички хеликоптер АХ-64 Апач. Двојица пилота погинула; осим ових губитака, треба додати обарања неколико десетина беспилотних летелица (УАВ) и крстарећих пројектила.


Clergy Confession

Click on image to enlarge
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[Diocesan Headquarters] According to the already established tradition the clergy of the Eastern American Diocese come together during the days of the Great Fast for the Rite of Holy Confession which this year was held on Wednesday, March 21, 2007.

The Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts was officiated by His Grace Bishop Mitrophan of Eastern America. Assisting His Grace were V. Rev. Stavrophor Janko Rajlic, V. Rev. Stavrophor Stevan Stepanov, V. Rev. Stavrophor Srboljub Jockovic, V. Rev. Stephen Zaremba and Deacon Dragoslav Kosic.

Confessions were heard by V. Rev. Stavrophor Dr. Mateja Matejic. Thirty one priests, two monastics and one deacon took part in the event.

Following the service a meal was served after which the Bishop took the opportunity to discuss some issues with the gathered clergy.

To read Bishop's homily delivered at the Clergy Confession please click on the image below.

Holy Week Schedule


April 2, 2007

Holy Monday


April 3, 2007

Holy Tuesday


April 4, 2007

Holy Wednesday

  p.m.Holy Unction

April 5, 2007

Holy Thursday Liturgy


April 5, 2007

Holy Thursday Vigil


April 6, 2007

Good Friday  Royal Hours


April 6, 2007

Good Friday  Vespers


April 6, 2007

Good Friday  Lamentations


April 7, 2007

Holy Saturday Liturgy


April  8 Pascha /Easter

Resurrection Matins

Pascha/Easter April 8

Divine Liturgy followed by Easter lunch

April 9, 2007

Bright Monday

April 10, 2007

Bright Tuesday

Vrbica-Lazarus Saturday-Palm Sunday

Entrance into Jerusalem
Entrance into Jerusalem
Entrance into Jerusalem

On Lazarus Saturday, "Vrbica" many parishioners with their children came and took part in celebration. Next day more than 200 people attended Palm Sunday service.

Visit our Photo Album to see photos.

Koncert -Merima Njegomir

Ljubisa Pavkovic
Ljubisa Pavkovic
Ljubisa Pavkovic
Merima Njegomir
Merima Njegomir
Merima Njegomir
Slavica Momakovic
Slavica Momakovic
Slavica Momakovic

Koncert Merime Njegomir ce se odrzati 21. aprila u Sali SPC Sveti Sava u Kembridzu. Merima ce nastupiti u pratnji Ljubise Pavkovica, sefa orkestra Radio Televizije Srbije i Sase Djordjevica. Sa njima nastupa i Slavica Momakovic, narodna pevacica.

Pocetak koncerta u 8 uvece.

$35 na vratima

$30 unapred

Za studente snizenje $5, za decu ispod 12 godina starosti besplatan ulaz

Ako zelite da rezervisete karte unapred posaljite cek na crkvenu adresu:

St. Sava Church, 41 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, MA 02140

Hrana  i pice se prodaju od 7:30.

Za dodatne informacije pozovite 781-771-2030

Click here to listen sample of Beogradjanka kolo



U svojoj prebogatoj pevačkoj karijeri osvojila je 20 prvih nagrada na raznim festivalima u zemlji. Za pevačicu godine je izabrana 1993. i 1996. godine. Snimila je 24 albuma, i preko 100 trajnih snimaka izvornih pesama za Radio Beograd. Dobitnik je estradne nagrade Srbije čime je stekla status estradnog umetnika.
LJUBISA PAVKOVIC, rodjen 14. juna 1947. u Beogradu, poceo je da svira jos od svoje pete godine. Velika ljubav prema harmonici i neverovatan dar odmah su poceli da se ispoljavaju. Od ranog detinjstva prepusta se muzici i muzickom stvaralastvu, predano, dosledno i casno, sve do danas na vrhuncu svoje umetnicke i licne zrelosti. Nazivaju ga balkanskim i srpskim genijem nacionalne muzike. Dobivsi na poklon od svog oca harmoniku, nije se od nje odvajao. Neprestano je svirao tragajuci, mozda nesvesno, za svojim stilom. U njegovoj muzici oseca se prava sustina srpskog naroda, a to je duboka teznja za lepim, radost zivljenja, dostojanstvo... Kao osamnaestogodisnjak obreo se u KUD "Vukica Mitrovic" koje je rasadnik mladih talenata. Na Medjunarodnom festivalu u Dizonu, 1966. godine, u konkurenciji ucesnika iz 25 zemalja, osvaja prvo mesto kao solista na harmonici. Zatim sledi smotra poznatih solista na Medjunarodnom festivalu podunavskih zemalja, pa festival u Amsterdamu, gde je predstavnik Radio - Beograda. Nosilac Estradne nagrade Srbije, Statusa istaknutog umetnika, godisnje nagrade Radio - Beograda 1991. godine, kao i mnogih drugih nagrada na festivalima i smotrama. Na svim ovim festivalima ucestvovao je kao zreo muzicar i umetnik, jer je jos 1970. godine postao clan Narodnog orkestra RTB-a, a 1981. sef istog orkestra, nastavljajuci tradiciju Vlastimira Pavlovica Carevca, Miodraga Jasarevica i Bozidara Milosevica Bokija. Vrsni je poznavalac ne samo srpske i jugoslovenske vec i muzike balkanskih naroda. Bavi se pedagoskim radom u Narodnom orkestru, a i van njega. Mnogi njegovi ucenici osvojili su prve nagrade na poznatim festivalima. Snimio je stotinak prelepih pesama za potrebe Radio - Beograda, kao i vise ploca sa svojim kolima. Ljubisa Pavkovic je mnogo izucavao balkanski folklor, iznalazio resenja, otkrivao tajne i danas vlada takvim znanjem da sam po sebi predstavlja muzicku instituciju. Njegova harmonika ne svira, ona jednostavno peva i vodi nas kroz predivne pejzaze Srbije i Balkana.

Balkan Strings Concert

Click on image to see video
Click on image to see video

St. Sava Church Hall

Saturday, May 12, 2007  at

For more info click here

" Trio Balkan Strings dedication to the music of the Balkans and central Europe is inspiring.

The guitar interpretations of this music are wonderful. Really good !!! "  John McLaughlin  read more here

Miroslav Ilic

Koncert Miroslava Ilica odrzace se 26. maja 2007 u sali SPC Sveti Sava u Kembridzu u 8 uvece.  Ulaz $35

Hrana i pice ce se prodavati od 7:30.

Karte mozete kupiti nedeljom u crkvenoj sali ili poslati cek na crkvenu adresu. Za sve dodatne informacije posaljite e-mail na ili na telefon 978-828-0729

Please join us for the concert of popular folk singer from Serbia, Miroslav Ilic

Saturday, May 26 at 8 p.m.

Tickets $35

Dormition-Успење Пресвете Богородице

У уторак, 28. августа Српска Православна Црква прославља Велику Госпојину-Успење.

Света Литургија биће служена у 9 ујутру

Прочитај о Успењу овде

Serbian Orthodox Church will celebrate Dormition on Tuesday, August 28.

Divine Liturgy starts at 9 a.m.

Read Homily here

Монодраме Мостови и Живео живот Тола Манојловић

Субота, 29. септембар 2007.

Српска православна црква Свети Сава и Serbian-American Alliance of New England (SANE) Вас позивају на позоришно вече са Звездара Театром из Београда у сарадњи са Народним позориштем Републике Српске из Бање Луке. Не пропустите јединствену прилику да видите великане српског позоришта.

Прочитајте цео текст овде

Deputy P.M. of Serbia B. Djelic and Minister for Diaspora M. Cubrilo in Boston

You are cordially invited to a public address by Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic, titled "Prospective  Serbia New Perspectives," on Thursday, October 18th, at 12:45pm. The address is open to the general public, and will take place in the Bartos Theater, MIT Media Lab, 20 Ames Street, Cambridge.
We would also like to invite you to a reception with Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic and Minister for Diaspora Milica Cubrilo, at 6:00p.m on October 18th. The reception will take place in the hall of St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, 41  Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, MA.
St. Archangel Michael

On Wednesday, November 21 Serbian Orthodox Church celebrats Archangel Michael .

Divine Liturgy will be served in Cambridge at 9 a.m. followed by blessing of Kolaches.

У среду 21. новембра Српска Православна Црква слави св. Архангела Михаила- Аранђеловдан.

Света Литургија у Кембриџу почиње у 9 ујутру.

Резање славских колача одмах после Литургије

Свим славарима Срећна Слава!

Више о празнику можете прочитати овде

Fr. Justin Popovic movie

Movie about the life of Fr. Justin Popovic will be shown at St. Sava Church on Saturday, December 1, 2007 at 7 p.m. Free admission.

Movie is in Serbian with English subtitles.

Dokumentarni film o Ocu Justinu Popovicu bice prikazan u subotu 1. decembra 2007 u sali SPC Sveti Sava u Kembridzu u 7 uvece posle Vecernjeg. Ulaz besplatan.

Prayer Vigil for Kosovo & Metohia

Please join us at St. Sava Church in Cambridge on Wednesday,December 12, 2007 at 7 p.m. for the prayer vigil .  We will pray for the peace in Kosovo and Metohia  and our suffering people who remain there to this very day.  We will pray also this Sunday with special prayers for peace.

Molitva za mir na Kosovu

Sreda, 12. decembar 2007 u 7 uvece

Dokumentarni Film

U pocetku bese rec - Miroslavljevo jevandjelje

Subota, 15 decembar 2007 u 19:00
Autor: Bosko Savkovic
Scenario: Veljko Topalovic i Bosko Savkovic
Direktor fotografije: Vuk Dapcevic
Muzika : Zoran Kiki Lesendric
Narator: Predrag Miki Manojlovic
Zanr: dokumentarni


St. Sava Church after Snow Storm

Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge
December14,2007 from the street
December14,2007 from the street
December14,2007 from the street
View from the back yard
View from the back yard
View from the back yard
From Internationl School of Boston
From Internationl School of Boston
From Internationl School of Boston
Dokumentarni Film

U pocetku Bese Rec-Dokumentarni film

Junak ovog dokumentarnog filma je Miroslavljevo jevandjelje, najstariji sacuvani srpski cirilicni rukopis, pisan u prvoj cetvrtini XII veka za humskog kneza Miroslava, starijeg brata Simeona Nemanje, rukopis je, koji po svojoj lepoti, nema premca medju sacuvanim pravoslavnim jevandjelistarima.
Kroz dokumentarni serijal od cetiri epizode osvetljava se jedinstvena sudbina ovog rukopisa-od njegovog nastanka u danasnjem Bijelom Polju, preko osnivanja manastira Hilandar, ukradenog lista koji je dospeo u imperatorsku biblioteku u Petrogradu i proneo glas o prelepom srpskom rukopisu, nacinu na koji je rukopis stigao u ruke kralja Aleksandra Obrenovica i misterioznom nestanku u noci kada je izvrsen majski prevrat, pronalasku i posebnoj paznji koja mu je posvecena tokom povlacenja srpske vojske preko Albanije, ponovnom nestanku, tokom II svetskog rata, pa sve do savremenih dogadjaja: puta koji je orginal Miroslavljevog jevandjelja presao od podruma Narodnog Muzeja u Beogradu, do specijalne klima komore, posebnih cuvara i upisa u registar "Pamcenje sveta" UNESCO-a.
Brojna predstavljanja na vodecim svetskim TV stanicama (ABC, NBC, CBS...), kao i nedavna odluka UNESCO, da najlepsi srpski cirilicni rukopis uvrsti u katalog svetske kulturne bastine, podstakli su autore da naprave filmsku pricu koja ce postati dostupna najsiroj domacoj i svetskoj javnosti.
Rachmaninoff Concert-Концерт духовне музике


У суботу 8 марта 2008 у 7:30 одржаће се концерт духовне музике у Цркви Св. Саве у Кембриџу. Концерт изводи Rachmaninoff Festival Choir

Отварање врата у 7:00

Сав приход од концерта је намењен деци на Косову и Метохији. Овај концерт биће израз наше подршке и солидарности са Српским народом на Косову и Метохији. Карте $15

Пренос уживо од 7 и 30.

После концерта биће пријем у црквеној сали. За више информација о хору овде

Rachmaninoff Concert, Saturday, March 8 at 7:30 p.m.

Doors open at 7 p.m.

Live stream at 7:30 p.m.

For more info click here

Rachmaninoff Concert, March 8 at 7:30 p.m.

Rachmaninoff Festival Choir Spring Tour 2008


Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Thursday, March 6, , Watts Hall, Thomaston, Maine

Friday, March 7, , St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Saco, Maine

Saturday, March 8, , St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Tickets at the door $15

All proceeds to benefit children in Kosovo


Sunday, March 9, , Holy Apostles Peter & Paul Greek Orthodox Church, Haverhill, Massachusetts

In 1985, Anthony Antolini rediscovered an unusual Liturgy written by Sergei Rachmaninoff in 1910.  The work was deemed too liturgically unorthodox for its day in Russia and had fallen into obscurity in subsequent decades, while Rachmaninoff himself escaped the cultural and political turmoil of his beloved homeland to make a living in America as a concert pianist.  Antolini was able to piece the work back together from disparate sources and then taught the twenty-movement Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom for unaccompanied chorus to his community choir in California and took it on tour.  Under Antolini’s direction, the Liturgy has since been taken to cities in the United States and Canada and to Russian cities from St. Petersburg across Siberia to the Russian Far East.  In 2006, twenty years after its American premier, a combined group of members of Down East Singers, Bowdoin College Chorus and some who sang on the Liturgy’s first tour in 1986 toured the San Francisco Bay Area.

                                                                                                                                                 St. Vasilios Greek Orthodox Church in Peabody, Massachusetts, invited Antolini to bring this Liturgy to their church as a part of their centennial celebrations in 2006; and consequently Antolini’s Rachmaninoff Festival Choir sang the Liturgy at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation in March 2007 to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the consecration of Metropolitan Methodios as bishop.


For those interested in learning more, a documentary made for public television describing Antolini’s discovery of the Rachmaninoff Liturgy and its first tour to the USSR in 1987-88 is available for purchase.  A re-release of the CD recording of the work made in 1996 is also available. The recording received critical acclaim in the November 1996 American Record Guide.


The Rachmaninoff Festival Choir combines members of the Down East Singers and the Bowdoin College Chorus, both located in mid-coast Maine. The choir has performed in many Maine venues as well as in Middlebury, Vermont,  New Haven, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, Montreal, Baltimore, The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., and Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.


Anthony Antolini was appointed Music Director of Down East Singers in 1991 and joined the Bowdoin faculty in 1992. He graduated from Bowdoin College and holds graduate degrees from Stanford University. At Bowdoin College he conducts the Bowdoin Chorus and teaches music theory. In 1988 he published the first modern, bilingual edition of Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. His award-winning television documentary on this subject, Rediscovering Rachmaninoff, has been broadcast on public television nationally. His editions of choral music are published by E.C. Schirmer and Paraclete Press. Antolini is currently at work on a new bilingual performance edition of Igor Stravinsky’s Les Noces/Svàdebka/The Village Wedding to be published by E.C. Schirmer. In 1999 he was a featured speaker at the national convention of the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) and in 2000 at the ACDA convention in Baltimore. He was elected “Conductor of the Year” by the Maine Chapter of ACDA for the 1999-2000 season. In February 2008 he is a featured speaker at the Eastern Division Convention of the ACDA where he presented a lecture entitled “Greek-American Choral Repertoire: An Undiscovered Treasure.”


Upcoming Performances

Bowdoin Chorus & Portland Ballet

Carl Orff: Trionfo Di Afrodite

Friday, May 2 and Saturday, May 3, 7:30 pm

Studzinski Recital Hall, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine


Down East Singers

Luigi Cherubini: Requiem in C minor

Memorial Day, May 26, 5 pm, Rockland Congregational Church, Rockland, Maine

Sunday, June 1, 4 pm, Blue Hill Congregational Church, Blue Hill, Maine


Rachmaninoff Festival Choir

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Ninth Symphony

(with the Bowdoin International Music Festival)

Friday, July 4, 7:30 pm, Crooker Auditorium, Brunswick High School, Brunswick, Maine

Anatoli Panchoshny, bass soloist

The bass soloist in the Rachmaninoff Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom is Anatoli Panchoshny. Born in Russia and now residing in the United States, he started

singing at the age of seventeen. He studied voice at Moscow's Gnesin

Institute where he received a Master's Degree. He has performed as a vocal

soloist with the Moscow Philharmonic in venues throughout the former Soviet Union

and abroad, touring to more than twenty countries worldwide. With a

wide-ranging repertoire that includes Russian, Ukrainian and Italian folk

songs, Panchoshny has performed the art songs of Schubert, Schumann, Liszt,

Ravel and other Western European composers, as well as the song

literature of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Moussorgsky, Prokofiev,

Shostakovich and other Russian composers. Mr. Panchoshny has been singing with the Rachmaninoff Festival Choir since 2006.


Sunday of Orthodoxy at St. Sava Church

We are happy to announce that St. Sava Church will be hosting pan Orthodox Vespers service on Sunday of Orthodoxy

March 16, 2008 at 5 p.m.

Reception to follow in the church hall


6. јануар 2008.

Бадњи дан

10 ујутру


6. јануар 2008.

Бадње вече

6 увече

7. јануар 2008.


10 ујутру

8. јануар 2008.

Сабор Пресв. Богородице

9  ујутру

  9. јануар 2008.


9  ујутру

14. јнауар 2008.

(1.јануар по Јулијанском календару)

Св. Василије Велики

9 ујутру

18. јануар 2008.


9 ујутру

19. јануар 2008.


9 ујутру

20. јануар 2008.


10 ујутру

26. јануар2008.

Вечерње уочи Св. Саве

6 увече

27. јануар 2008.


Светосавска прослава

10 ујутру


January 6, 2008

Badnji dan

10 a.m.

January 6, 2008

Christmas Eve

6 p.m.

January 7, 2008


10 a.m.

January 8, 2008

Synaxis of Most Holy Theotokos

9 a.m.

January 9, 2008

St. Stephen Archdeacon

9 a.m.

January 14, 2008

St. Basil the Great (New Year begins)

9 a.m.

January 18, 2008

Feast of Holy Cross

9 a.m.

January 19, 2008


9 a.m.

January 20, 2008

St. John the Baptist

10 a.m.

January 27, 2008

St. Sava day

10 a.m.

Годишњица Нато бомбардовања

У недељу 23. марта ћемо одржати помен у цркви Светог Саве у Кембриџу поводом годишњице Нато бомбардовања.  Сетимо се свих невиних жртава које су настрадале за време кобних 78 дана. Да подсетимо, бомбардовање је почело 24. марта 1999.

Почетак у 10 ујутру.

Second Sunday of Great Lent

On Second Sunday of the Great Lent, March 23, we will be honored with the visit of Professor Lewis Patsavos from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

More about him here

У другу недељу Часног поста имаћемо част да нас посети професор Канонског права са Грчког теолошког факултета, Др. Патсавос.

Он ће одржати беседу на крају службе. Више о њему овде

Великопосно Вечерње-Lenten Vespers

Very Rev. Fr. Ivan Marjanovic from Portland, ME will serve Lenten Vespers at St. Sava Church on Sunday, March 30th at 6 p.m. We invite all parishioners to attend. Light diner will be served after the service.

Позивамо парохијане на Великопосно вечерње у недељу, 30 марта у 6 увече у цркви Св. Саве у Кембриџу. Протојереј Иван Марјановић из Портланда ће служити и проповедати то вече. Посна вечера ће бити послужена после Вечерњег.

Professor Dr. Lewis Patsavos

Dr. Lewis Patsavos
Dr. Lewis Patsavos
Dr. Lewis Patsavos

On Sunday, March 23,2008 our parish will be visited by Dr. Lewis Patsavos, Professor of Canon Law at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. He will give a sermon at the end of the Liturgy. You will have an opportunity to talk to Dr. Patsavos during lunch.


Lewis Patsavos

Professor of Canon Law and Director of Field Education

Lic ThUniversity of Athens
ThDUniversity of Athens

Dr. Lewis J. Patsavos is Professor of Canon Law and Director of Field Education at Holy Cross School of Theology, where he began his fulltime teaching career in 1974. The dual responsibility of teaching Orthodox Canon Law and directing the School's Field Education Program has enabled him to experience the pastoral nature of the canons contextually through theological field education. As a result, he has focused his attention upon the need to integrate theory and praxis towards a holistic approach to the study of theology. His interest in the Canonical Tradition of Orthodoxy reflected in his writings, most recently the publication Spiritual Dimensions of the Holy Canons (2003), lies in the following: the interface of the canons and pastoral theology; the proper application of the canons as an authentic expression of Orthodox theology; and the engagement of clergy and laity in the practice of ministry appropriate to each. He serves as Consultant on Canonical Affairs to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and to other Orthodox Jurisdictions in America. His commitment to ecumenical dialogue has allowed him to participate for over twenty-five years in the North American Orthodox - Roman Catholic Bilateral Consultation. His current focus is on completion of the book Qualifications of Entry into the Clergy, which embodies the theory of the canons about priesthood and the praxis of ministry experienced in contextual education.

Конзуларни дан

Позивамо све парохијане на конзуларни дан у недељу, 13. априла 2008 у просторијама СПЦ Свети Сава у Кембриџу. Гости ће нам бити особље Генералнгог конзулата Републике Србије из Њујорка. Детаљније овде

On Sunday, April 13, 2008 we will have guests from Serbian Consulate in New York City. They will address St. Sava parishioners after the service in church hall and offer their services.

Gracanica Annual Concert

Grachanitsa Annual Concert and Party

Saturday, May 17, 2008, 7:30pm

St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, Cambridge, MA


GRACHANITSA Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble

Special Guests:

DIVI ZHENI and Tatiana Serbinska

LUDO MLADO and Petar Petrov

In addition, plenty of ethnic food and live music by JELENA & MARIO

Visit for more information

Снежана Ћуришић
Снежана Ћуришић
Снежана Ћуришић
Spring Fundraiser May 31, 2008

7:00 p.m. Coctail hour

8:00 p.m. Dinner

Music by Snezana Djurisic and Svilen konac

Regular tickets $35, Students (with valid ID) $25, under 12 free   ( poster )

Dinner and drinks sold separately

Reservations: or 617-876-0707

Saint Sava Sets Goal of Raising $50,000 for Structural Improvements

In our first two years in Cambridge we set the focus of our capital raising campaigns to paying off the mortgage as quickly as possible.  We were able to raise enough to pay off a quarter of our total mortgage ($250,000), a great achievement.  In 2008 we must shift our focus to structural improvements of our facilities and grounds.  The Annual Assembly of Saint Sava approved budgeting $50,000 toward this endeavor on February 10th.  The Church Board of Saint Sava would like to help all parishioners understand exactly why we need to raise these funds.

There is one major project which will happen over the next year.  This is the replacement of the boiler for the church heating system.  The current system was installed in  decades ago and is reaching the end of its useful life.  We have already had a couple of close calls this winter but made it through without a serious incident. Fortunately, the distribution system was updated during the hall renovation in 2001 and does not need to be replaced. We have already called in a few companies to competitively bid on the project. The first of these companies returned us an estimate of $56,000.  This involves removing the old boiler and replacing it with two smaller boilers, so that we can heat the church and the hall independent of one another.  This would be a more efficient way to heat the building and would provide long-term cost savings.

There are a few other repairs that are necessary.  We need to replace the sidewalk on the north side of the church.  This repair is required by our insurance company or we may loose our policy.  We also need to make roof repairs, replace downspouts, and repair sections of the church outer walls.  We can’t do these repairs without your financial support.  As is evident from the long list repairs, our goal of $50,000 is very modest and may not address all these issues.

Few pictures that illustrate what we have to repair can be viewed here.

Донаторска вечера- специјални гост Снежана Ђуришић

Субота 31. мај 2008

7 р.м. Коктел

8 р.м. Вечера

Карте $35, студентске карте (са важећом легитимацијом)$25, деца испод 12 бесплатно  (постер можете видети овде)

Вечера и пиће накнадно

Резервације: или 617-817-0707

Црква Св. Саве има циљ да прикупи $50.000 за поправку црквеног имања.

За прве две године у Кембриџу, концентрисали смо се на прикупљање средстава како би што пре отплатили хипотеку. Успели смо да сакупимо и отплатимо четвртину целокупне суме ($250,000), што је веома велики успех. У 2008. години морамо да променимо фокуса на неопходне попоправке црквеног имања. На годишњој скупшитини у цркви Св. Саве  10. фебруара, одобрен је буџет у износу од $50.000 како би се наведено остварило.  Црквени одбор Св. Саве би желео да сви парохијани разумеју зашто нам је неопходно да прикупимо ова средства.

Планиран је један значајан пројекат који ће се остварити током ове године, а који се односи на замену котла за грејање. Постојећи систем који је инсталиран пре  неколико деценија достигао је крај свог корисног живота. Ове зиме смо имали неколико кварова у котларници али је, на срећу, све прошло без озбиљних последица и веће материјалне штете. На нашу срећу, разводни систем је поправљен 2001. године и нећемо морати да издвајамо новац и за то. Контактирали смо неколико компанија како би од њих добили понуде за извођење неопходних радова. Прва понуда коју смо добили је била око $56,000. Ова понуда укључује замену старог котла са два мања.. Нови котлови су доста ефикаснији од оног који сада имамо па ћемо овако смањити трошкове грејања у будућности..

Поред овог највећег пројекта и неколико других поправки је неопходно. Морамо да поправимо тротоар иза цркве. Ову поправку захтева наша осигуравајућа компанија, у супротном можемо да изгубимо право на полису осигурања. Такође, потребно је да поправимо кров изнад црквених канцеларија, заменимо неке олуке и поправимо делове зидовова. Нисмо у могућности да ово урадимо без ваше финансијске помоћи. Када погледате листу ствари које морамо да урадимо схватате да је наш циљ да прикупимо $50.000  веома скроман и можда нам неће омогућити да урадимо све што је потребно. Стога вас позивамо да нам се придружите 31. маја 2008. на донаторској вечери како би успели да прикупимо потребна средства.

За неколико фотографија које илуструју  шта морамо поправити кликните овде.


У Уторак 16. септембра у цркви светог Саве у Кембриџу гостоваће Хор студената Теолошког Факултета Универзитета у Београду.Концерт духовне музике почеће у 20:00 часова.
Присутaн ће бити Његово Преосвештенство Епископ Западноамерички Господин Максим .
Улаз бесплатан.
За више детаља посетите овај линк

Прочитајте извештај са концерта у Чикагу

Concert of Sacred Music
by Student Choir of School of Theology in Belgrade
Tuesday, September 16 at 8 p.m.
His Grace Bishop Maksim of Western American Diocese will attend
 Free admission
For detailed program click here
Read a review from their concert in Chicago here

Visit our photo album to view pictures from picnic

Kolo Slava

Коло Српских Сестара срдачно вас позива

на прославу дана наше заштитнице Свете Петке

Српска Православна Црква Св. Саве

41 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, MA

26. Октобар 2008 

Литургија 10:00 -12:00

Ручак 12:00 

The Circle of Serbian Sisters cordially invites you to the celebration of our Patron Saint, St. Petka 

St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church

41 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, MA 02140

Date: October 26th, 2008

Liturgy: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Lunch: 12:00 PM


Кал концерт

Урбана ромска музика


Петак, 19. септембар у 20часова, $28

Somerville Theatre, 55 Davis Sq., Somerville

Кал, седмочлана група из Београда, представља ромску (циганску) музичку традицију из Босне, Хрватске, Бугарске, Македоније и Србије у савременом руху. Балкански блуз, фламенко гитара, средњоисточни ритмови и турски кларинети су су део разноврсног звука групе Кал.

Бесплатно предавање/Демонстрација: Петак, 19. септембар од 15:30 до 17 часова у New England Conservatory of Music.

За карте и остале информације позовите:

WORLD MUSIC 617-876-4275  или посетите:

Погледајте и послушајте на:  Организатор WORLD MUSIC

Urban Gypsy Music


Friday, September 19, , $28

Somerville Theatre, 55 Davis Sq., Somerville


Kal, a 7-piece band from Belgrade, brings Romani (Gypsy) musical traditions from Bosnia , Croatia , Bulgaria , Macedonia and Serbia into the 21st century. Balkan blues, flamenco guitar, Middle Eastern rhythms and Turkish clarinets are all part of the disparate sounds of Kal.


Free Lecture/Demonstration: Friday, September 19, at New England Conservatory of Music.


For tickets and information call

WORLD MUSIC 617-876-4275  Buy online:

Watch and listen at  Presented by WORLD MUSIC


Art Exhibit- Изложба

Click here to view pictures from Exhibition

International Fine Art  Caravan 2005-2010

Artists from Serbia and Macedonia

St. Sava Church in Cambridge, MA

Saturday at 7 p.m. (opening)

Sunday Noon - 4 p.m.

Painting workshop for children 1-3 p.m.

Materice/ Mothers day

In Serbian tradition Mother's Day is called "Materice", and it is observed two weeks before Christmas. On "Materice" boys and girls tiptoe into their mother's bedroom very early in the morning and tie her up. When she awakens, she is surprised to find herself all tied up, and she begs the children to untie her, promising to give them little gifts which she has hidden under her pillow.

To all mothers we wish a happy Mother's day.

For complete Schedule of Christmas services visit this link

Christmas - Божић

Click on image to access album
Click on image to access album



Visit St.Sava Church album for more pictures

St. Sava Celebration- Савиндан

Резање славског колача 2009
Резање славског колача 2009
Резање славског колача 2009
We celebrated our Patron Saint Sava on Sunday, January 25th  together with His Grace Bishop Mitrofan and local clergy.
Visit our album to see celebration photos.

Храмовна слава и Светосавска прослава свечано је обележена у нашој парохији у недељу 25. јануара 2009. године.
Његово Преосвештенство Епископ Источноамерички Господин Митрофан је служио Св. Литургију заједно са локалним свештенством.
Погледајте фотографије са прославе овде

У суботу 28. фебруара у организацији Одбора Црквене општине Свети Сава из Бостона одржава се

К О С О В С К О    В Е Ч Е

са жељом да сакупљеним прилозима помогнемо деци са Косова и Метохије која живе у тешким и нехуманим условима, и да унесемо бар мало радости у њихове младе животе. Свака помоћ је добродошла.

Почетак је у 19 часова у црквеној сали.

Посебан наступ има фолклорни ансамбл ”Грачаница“ са дечијим ансамблом.

Свира група ”Свилен конац“ из Бостона.

Улазнице $10. Деца испод 12 година бесплатно.

Служиће се традиционална српска јела.

За обавештење или уколико желите да помогнете јавите се

Олги Бошковић на 1-781-756-1154 или Марији Еремић на 1-781-316-2545


On Saturday, February 28, 2009, Church Board of the St. Sava Parish of Boston organizes

Evening for Children from Kosovo

Donations will go toward helping children from Kosovo who live in harsh and inhumane conditions. We wish to bring at least a little joy into their young lives. Any help is welcome.

The event starts at 7:00 p.m. in the St. Sava Church hall

Special performance by the Folk Ensemble “Gračanica” with its childrens’ ensemble

Entertainment by the band “Svilen konac” of Boston.

Tickets $10. Children under 12 free.

Traditional Serbian dishes will be served.

For more information or if you would like to help, contact

Olga Bošković at 1-781-756-1154 or Marija Eremić at 1-781-316-2545


Kosovsko vece

We thank all of you who participated in Fund raising event on February 28, 2009 to benefit Serbian children in Kosovo. About $8000 was collected.

You can still send your donation for this purpose to:

St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church

41 Alewife Brook Parkway

Cambridge, MA 02140 (memo-Kosovo)

To see pictures from this event visit this link

Tenth Anniversary of Nato bombing
March 24th Memorial Service for the victims of Nato bombing in Former Yugoslavia at 6 p.m.

povodom desetogodisnjice bombardovanja SR Jugoslavije od strane NATO pakta odrzacemo pomen za sve zrtve koje su nastradale u toku 78 dana besomucnog razaranja nase zemlje
Utorak, 24. mart u 6 uvece u Crkvi Sv. Save u Kembridzu


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Badnji dan-Liturgy

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Eve

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Synaxis of Most Holy Theotokos


Friday,   January 9, 2009

St. Stephen Archdeacon

9 a.m.

Wednesday, January 14/ 1, 2009

St. Basil the Great (New Year begins)

9 a.m.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feast of Holy Cross

Monday, January 19, 2009


9 a.m.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

St. John the Baptist

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vespers before St. Sava day

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

St. Sava Liturgy


St. Sava Children program will take place on Sunday, January 25th . His Grace Bishop Mitrofan will be with us.            

Dates are according to new / Gregorian calendar


Уторак, 6. јануар 2009

Бадњи дан

9 ујутру

Уторак, 6. јануар 2009

Бадње вече

7 увече

Среда,   7. јануар 2009


10 ујутру

Четвртак 8. јануар 2009

Сабор Пресв. Богородице

9  ујутру

Петак,    9. јануар 2009


9  ујутру

Среда,   14. јнауар 2009

Св. Василије Велики

9 ујутру

Недеља, 18 јануар 2009


10 ујутру

Понед.   19 јануар 2009


9 ујутру

Уторак,  20 јануар 2009


9 ујутру

Понед.  26. јануар 2009

Вечерње уочи св. Саве

7  увече

Уторак, 27. јануар 2009


9 ујутру

Светосавска прослава и дечији програм одржаће се у недељу, 25. јануара. Имаћемо част да са нама буде Владика Митрофан.

Датуми су по новом-Грегоријанском календару

Great Compline service 3/27

Dear parishioners,

I want to inform you that we will have a special lenten service on Friday, March 27 at 6 p.m. followed by lenten dinner at 7 p.m. Fr. Ivan Marjanovic from Portland , ME will be our guest. Please join us for this important service.

Fr. Aleksandar
Great lent

Great Lent began on Monday, March 2, 2009. We wish you a blessed Great lent!

During first week of Great Lent services are held every evening at 6 p.m. Presanctified Liturgy is served on Wednesday and Friday at 9 a.m.

On Theodor's Saturday Liturgy at 9 a.m.

Some useful links:

In Serbian
Lazarus Saturday-Врбица

Last weekend we celebrated Lazarus Saturday and Palm Sunday. You can see all the pictures in Photo album

Прошлог викенда сло прославили Лазареву суботу и Цвети-Улазак Христов у Јерусалим. Погледајте фотографије са прославе у Албуму

Full Holy Week Schedule here

Свети архијерејски сабор, у седници својој од 21. маја 2009. године - под АСбр. 79/зап. 148, донео је ову одлуку:

Одобрити коначно утврђени текст Устава Српске православне цркве за Северну и Јужну Америку, који у потпуности ступа на снагу даном доношења ове одлуке, односно 21/8. маја 2009. године.

Овом одлуком Светог архијерејског сабора престају да важе Прелазне уредбе за управљање између Српске православне цркве у Сједињеним Америчком Државама и Канади и Новограчаничке митрополије.

Please join us for summer picnic on Sunday, July 12 after Divine Liturgy -aproximately 11. a.m. We plan to have voleyball and other sports

Петровдански пикник- роштиљ

Недеља, 12 јули после Свете Литургије-око 11 пре подне

Поред хране са роштиља имаћемо прилику да уживамо играјући одбојку и остале спортове

Манастирско Вече

Devetog februara 2008. u sali Crkve Sveti Sava odrzano je Manastirsko vece u organizaciji Odbora za humanitarnu pomoc Kola srpskih sestara.

Cilj Manastirske veceri je bio da se skupi prilog za tri srpska manastira Vavedenje, Vaznesenje i Tresije. Cilj je u potpunosti ostvaren. Skupljen je iznos od ukupno $6600 koji ce se podeliti tako da se svakom od manastira dodeli po $2200.

Projekat je vodila Olga Boskovic, sa Jelenom Civric i Marijom Eremic, uz veliku pomoc mnogih parohijana, a posebno Djordja Koldzica sa folklornim ansamblom "Gracanica", kao i muzicke grupa "Svilen konac", koji su doprineli da vece protekne u veoma prijatnoj i zabavnoj atmosveri. Hvala svima koji su na bilo koji nacin ucinili ovo vece uspesnim.

Pogledajte sve slike na ovom linku

Monastery Night

Saturday, February 9, 2008

View pictures here

St. Petka Celebration

On Saturday, October 27, 2007 our St. Petka Circle of Serbian Sister celebrated their Patron Saint. It was a wonderfull celebration with a guest priest Hieromonk Fr. Hristodulos and a special childrens performance of St. Petka. Visit this page to see more pictures.
Pascha 2009/ Васкрс 2009


13 април 2009


Велики понедељак




14 април 2009

Велики уторак


15 април 2009

Велика среда

 7:00 увече-освећење уља-помазивање

16. април 2009

Велики четвртак


9 ујутру

16. април 2009

Велики четвртак

12 јеванђеља


17. април 2009

Велики петак, Царски часови

9 ујутру

17. април 2009

Велики петак Вечерње

6 увече

17 април 2009

Велики петак

Статије, Сахрана Христова

7 увече

18. април 2009

Велика субота


9 ујутру

19 април 2009

Васкршње јутрење


19. април 2009

Васкршња Литургија и ручак

10 ујутру

20. април 2009

Светли понедељак

9 ујутру

21. април 2009

Светли уторак

9 ујутру


April 13, 2009

Holy Monday


April 14, 2009

Holy Tuesday


April 15, 2009

Holy Wednesday

  p.m.Holy Unction

April 16, 2009

Holy Thursday Liturgy


April 16, 2009

Holy Thursday Vigil


April 17, 2009

Good Friday  Royal Hours


April 17, 2009

Good Friday  Vespers


April 17, 2009

Good Friday  Lamentations


April 18, 2009

Holy Saturday Liturgy


April  19 Pascha /Easter

Resurrection Matins

Pascha/Easter April 19

Divine Liturgy followed by Easter lunch

April 20, 2009

Bright Monday

April 21, 2009

Bright Tuesday



Fourth Annual Fundraiser

On Saturday, November 11, 2009 parishioners of St. Sava Church in Cambridge celebrated 4th anniversary of the purchase of their church which took place on November 21, 2005. Celebration started with festive Vespers and continued in the church hall with elegant reception. This was also a successfull fundraising event to benefit St. Sava Church.

More pictures in Fundraising Album

Patriarch Pavle

On November 15, 2009, at 10.45 at the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade, after receiving Holy Communion, Archbishop of Pec, Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovac , Patriarch Pavle of Serbia reposed in the Lord.

Memorial service (Parastos) was held at St. Sava Church in Cambridge, MA on Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 7 p.m.

40 day memorial service will be served on Thursday, December 24 at 7 p.m.

For photos click here

May his memory be eternal! Vjecnaja pamjat!

For official statements visit Patriarchal web site

15. новембра 2009. године, у 10,45 часова, на Војно-медицинској академији у Београду, после примања Свете Тајне Причешћа, упокојио се у Господу Архиепископ пећки, Митрополит београдско-карловачки, Патријарх српски Г. Г. Павле.

Четрдесетодневни парастос ће бити служен у четвртак, 24. децембра у 19 часова

Званична саопштења можете прочитати на

Bishop Maksim in Boston

Next Sunday, December 27, 2009 we will be honored with presence of Bishop Maksim of Western America who will celebrate Divine Liturgy in our church in Cambridge. Also, clergy from New York and Portland will be here. Please join us for Divine Liturgy at 10 a.m.
Божићна Игранка

За информације и резервације пишите на

Bishop Maksim Visits Boston December 27, 2009

His Grace Bishop Maksim of Western American Diocese visited our parish and celebrated Liturgy on December 27, 2009. Before Liturgy he baptized little Petra, daughter of Nebojsa and Sanja Stojkovic.
View album here

Christmas Album here
January 2010


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Badnji dan-Liturgy

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Eve

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Friday, January 8, 2010

Synaxis of Most Holy Theotokos


Saturday, January 9, 2010

St. Stephen Archdeacon

9 a.m.

Thursday, January 14/ 1, 2010

St. Basil the Great (New Year begins)

9 a.m.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Feast of Holy Cross


Tuesday, January 19, 2010



9 a.m.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

St. John the Baptist


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vespers before St. Sava day

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

St. Sava Liturgy


Christmas Dance/ Bozicna igranka - Saturday, January 9th at 7 p.m.

Novogodisnji koncert Sreda, 13. januar u 9:30  p.m.

St. Sava Children program will take place on Sunday, January 31,2010 .  

Dates are according to new / Gregorian calendar

Представа ,,Само да знаш колико те волим\

Драги пријатељи,

Српска православна црква Свети Сава, у сарадњи са организацијом АРТ011,  Вас позива на позоришно вече у сали цркве Свети Сава у Кембриџу
Комедија “Само да знаш колико те волим”, рађена је по делима (збиркама новела) познатог италијанског писца Антонија Амура “Како убити супругу и зашто” и “Како убити супруга без сувишних зашто”.
Реч је о сценски уобличеном духовитом промишљању мушко-женских односа из различитих углова. Више мушких (стварних и могућих) ликова из нашег времена тумачи Миленко Павлов, а неколико женских јунакиња игра Љиљана Ђурић.
Драматизацију потписује Душко Анђић, који напомиње да је познати италијански писац у наведеним књигама забележио низ својих размишљања која током брачног заједништва, поготово ако је оно дугачко и досадно, људима падају на памет. Костимографију и сценографију потписује Ружица Ристић, а избор музике Владимир Рацковић.
Не пропустите јединствену прилику да видите великане српског позоришта

Петак 23. април 2010.
Сала српске православне цркве Свети Сава
41 Alewife Brook Pkwy
Cambridge, MA 02140

19:30 Отварање врата
20:00 П
21:15 Коктел и дружење са глумцима

15 по особи, cтуденти $10, деца млађа од 12 година бесплатно
На дан представе $20 по особи, cтуденти $10, деца млађа од 12 година бесплатно

Број места је ограничен. Молимо Вас да направите резервације на време.   

За додатне информације пошаљите поруку на или позовите 781-475-9648 (Бранко Глишовић).

Плакат за представу можете видети овде.

Постаните спонзор представе

Скадарлијско Вече

Српскa Православнa Црквa Светог Саве и
Коло Српских Сестара Света Петка
Вас позивају на
Скадарлијско Вече

1. мај 2010. 

Пролећни концерт групе 381 Rock band "381" Spring Concert

Драги пријатељи,
Група 381 вас позива на ПРОЛЕЋНИ КОНЦЕРТ, који ће се одржати 8 маја, од 20 часова, у сали цркве Свети Сава.

Интернет презентацију групе можете погледати овде.

Нови репертоар садржи познате песме са еx-Yu простора као и низ песама на енглеском.

Специјално изненађење - први наступ групе "Ко то тамо пева".

Улаз 15$. За добру атмосферу биће служено пиће.

Dear friends,

Rock band "Grupa 381" invites you to SPRING CONCERT on Saturday, May 8, at 8pm in St. Sava Church, Cambridge, MA.

Check out band Web presentation here.

Our new songbook includes both songs from ex-Yu as well as some in English.

Special guests - first performance of new band "Ko to tamo peva".

Admission 15$, drinks additonal charge.
Vidovdan 2010

Поводом прославе Видовдана и Косовског боја служићемо свечану Литургију у недељу, 27. јуна у 10 ујутру. После Свете Литургије имаћемо парастос за све пострадале у одбрани наше Отаџбине од Косовског боја до данас. После парастоса ручак у црквеној сали.
На сам Видовдан у понедељак Литургија почиње у 9 ујутру.

Свете царе Лазаре моли Бога за нас!

       У недељу, 23. маја прославили смо празник Силаска Св. Духа на апостоле- Духове.
      После Св. Литургије и ручка одржан је пригодан програм поводом завршетка школске године на коме су наступиле  две дечије фолклорне групе из наше цркве и фолклорни ансамбл Грачаница.
Погелдајте галерију слика овде.

Скадарлијско вече

У суботу, 1. маја 2010 одржан је предиван донаторски концерт- Скадарлијско вече са циљем прикупљања средстава за реновирање кухиње.
Фотографије можете погледати овде.

Photo gallery from concert

Христос Воскресе!
Васкрсење Христово је свечано прослављено у парохији бостонској. На богослужењима у току Страсне Седмице и Васкрса учествовало је преко 1000 верника.   Врхунац овогодишње прославе је била Света Литургија на Васкрс уз појање црквеног хора који је за ову прилику припремио неколико нових композиција.Око 150 парохијана се причестило на Литургији. После Литургије велики број верника је остао на заједничком васкршњем ручку. Ове године је више него раније велики број деце  био присутан на Васкрс. Погледајте фото репортажу овде.

Bishop Mitrofan in Boston
His grace Bishop Mitrofan visited our parish on Sunday, March 21 2010 and performed a ceremony for new readers in our church. Also, members of new Kolo Board took an oath before our bishop.
View photo album here
+ Metropolitan Christopher


Chicago, IL - At 7:45 this evening, Wedesday, August 18, 2010, on the eve of the feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, His Eminence +Christopher, Metropolitan of Libertyville-Chicago, fell asleep in the Lord at the age of 82. Clergy are asked to serve a small pomen at tomorrow's Divine Liturgy.

May His memory be eternal. 

Born in Galveston, Texas, and baptized Velimir Kovacevich, the future Metropolitan Christopher was the ninth of twelve children of Serbian immigrant parents. After graduation from high school, he attended Nashotah House and graduated from St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Seminary in Libertyville, Illinois. After marriage, he was ordained to the Diaconate and Priesthood. Continuing his education, he earned a B.A. (Philosophy), Master of Letters (History) at the University of Pittsburgh; the Master of Divinity from Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, Massachusetts, and completed courses and examinations for the doctorate at the Chicago Theological Seminary.

 Father Velimir ministered to parishes in Pennsylvania and in Chicago, also serving as chaplain to four universities. He assisted his parishes to become bilingual in their worship and education programs. As a priest, he served as spiritual father, counselor, youth worker, administrator, educator, and, above all, in priestly ministry at the Holy Altar. Widowed in 1970, he is the father of four, as well as the grandfather of nine.

Elevated to the episcopate in 1978 by the Assembly of Bishops in Belgrade and tonsured with the monastic name of Christopher, he became the first American-born bishop to serve a diocese of his church in North America. As Bishop of Eastern America and Canada, he soon developed a diocesan-wide program in religious education. Active also in ecumenism, he has served on the joint commission of Orthodox and Roman Catholic bishops and on the Orthodox-Lutheran dialogue, and has represented his church at high levels in both the National and World Councils of Churches. In 1991, he was elevated to the rank of Metropolitan, thereby becoming Primate of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the U.S. and Canada.

May the Lord our God grant blessed repose and eternal rest to His Eminence Metropolitan Christopher.

AUGUST 23, 2010

- Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, 10:00 AM, Monday, August 23, 2010, at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, 5701 N. Redwood Drive, Chicago, IL 60631.

- Funeral Matins (Burial Service), 7:00 PM, Monday, August 23, 2010, at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, 5701 N. Redwood Drive, Chicago, IL 60631.

AUGUST 24, 2010

-  Hierarchical Divine Liturgy and Requiem Service (Trisagion), 9:00 AM, Tuesday, August 24, 2010, at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Monastery 32377 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville, IL 60048, followed by burial at the gravesite on the south side of the church.

A memorial lunch will be served at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, 5701 N. Redwood Drive, Chicago, IL 60631, following interment.

Грачаница - десетогодишњи концерт Grachanitsa - 10th anniversary

Фолклорни ансамбл Грачаница спрема десетогодишњи концерт, који ће се одржати 6. новембра 2010. Детаљи >>>

Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble Grachanitsa will be celebrating our 10th anniversary on November 6, 2010. Details >>>


Грачаница - десетогодишњи концерт

Фолклорни ансамбл Грачаница спрема десетогодишњи концерт, који ће се одржати 6. новембра 2010.
Почетак у 19:00 у сали Међународне школе Бостон поред Цркве Светог Саве у Кембриџу.

Осим Грачанице, наступају и
-- Опленац, фолклорни ансамбл из Торонта,
-- Sayat Nova, Јерменски ансамбл из Бостона
-- Два дечија ансамбла при цркви Св. Саве у Бостону.

По завршетку концерта организујемо вечеру и забаву са оркестром Кристали из Чикага.

Grachanitsa 10th anniversary

Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble Grachanitsa will be celebrating 10th anniversary on November 6, 2010.
Concert starts at 7pm in International School of Boston hall next to the St. Sava Church in Cambridge

Grachanitsa concert will feature the following guests:
-- Folklore ensemble "Oplenac" from Toronto,
-- Sayat Nova, Armenian folk ensemble form Boston, and
-- Two Children's ensambles of St. Sava Church of Boston

The concert will be followed by a dinner and dance party with the band "Kristali" from Chicago.



Донаторско вече у суботу 20. новембра!

Главни циљ донаторске вечери је прикупљање средстава за отплату кредита за цркву. Позивницу на донаторско вече можете да погледате овде. Такође погледајте плакат за пројекат "1=2" који нам је велика прилика да знатно смањимо свеукупни дуг за отплату цркве.

Наступа тамбурашки оркестар „Српски синови“ из Питсбурга. Овај оркестар наставља традицију српских тамбурашких оркестара у САД, укључујући и чувени Оркестар браће Поповић из Чикага који је основан почетком 20. века. Оркестар је припремио репертоар за свачији укус. Погледајте њихов видео. Такође наступа фолклорни ансамбл Грачаница и дечји фолклорни ансамбл наше цркве. Дођите да се заједно забавимо уз домаћу музику и храну, и помогнемо отплату цркве.

Улазнице су 25 долара, а за студенте 15 долара. Формулар за резервације можете одштампати овде.

Чекове нaписане на "St. Sava Church" са назнаком "For Mortgage" можете послати поштом на

St. Sava Church
41 Alewife Brook Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02140

За више информација обратите се на

НОВО! Вашу донацију можете да нам пошаљете преко "Пеј Пала".

Fundraising Dinner on Saturday, November 20!

Fifth annual Fundraising Dinner will be held on November 20, 2010. The main goal is fund raising for the mortgage for our church. Here is the Fundraising Dinner invitation. Please take a look at the poster for the "1=2" project that gives us a great chance to substantially lower our total mortgage for our church.

Entertainment includes a performance of a “tamburitza” band “Sons of Serbia” of Pittsburgh, PA. This band continues the tradition of Serbian tamburitza bands in the U.S., one of them being the Popvic Brothers Band of Chicago that dates back to early 1900s. Their wide variety repertoir is set to suit everybody’s taste! A sample of their music can be found at the following link. There will also be a performance of the folklore ensemble Grachanitsa, and Children's folklore ensemble of our church. Please join us for this event featuring Serbian music and cuisine, and help us pay off the mortgage.

Tickets: $25, for students $15. Reservation form can be printed here.

Please make your check payable to "St. Sava Church" with "For Mortgage" in the memo and mail it to

St. Sava Church
41 Alewife Brook Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02140

For more information please contact us at

NEW! You can send us your donation through PayPal.


    Српска православна црква Свети Сава, у сарадњи са организацијом АРТ011, Вас позива на позоришно вече у сали цркве Свети Сава у Кембриџу.
    Представа је настала драматизацијом истоименог чувеног романа Драгослава Михајловића по коме је снимљен и филм. Кроз комичне и трагичне ситуације, говори о животу неписмене али изузетно интелигентне сеоске жене. И поред силних трагедија које су је задесиле, она налази снаге да нас насмеје и да нам на најлепши могући начин пренесе поруку да живот увек побеђује.
    Режија: Душко Анђић; Музика: Вања Пилиповић; Драматизовала и игра: Љиљана Ђурић.
    Представа је у децембру 2006. године на фестивалу малих форми у Источном Сарајеву добила награду као најбоља представа. Београдска премијера је одржана 14. марта 2007. године. Скупштина града Београда је финансирала и подржала овај пројекат. На Међународном театарском фестивалу у Москви, 8. децембра 2007. године, представа је награђена Сребрним витезом.

Петак 10. децембар 2010.
Сала српске православне цркве Свети Сава
41 Alewife Brook Pkwy Cambridge, MA 02140

    19:30 Отварање врата
    20:00 Представа

$15 по особи, cтуденти $10, деца млађа од 12 година бесплатно


It was yet another traditional frescoe exhibit of the students of the Serbian Orthodox Church Academy for the Arts and Preservation of Professor Goran Janicijevic. Thanks to the efforts of parish priest V. Rev. Aleksandar Vlajkovic and the Boston parishioners, this exhibit was made possible for the first time in Boston, after being in Belgrade and Munich.

The exhibit was formally opened on Friday, June 30, 2006 as Fr. Aleksandar Vlajkovic welcomed the guests from Serbia. Afterwards, Professor Goran Janicijevic spoke of the Academy of the Serbian Orthodox Church, of the exhibit dedicated to Kosovo and Metohija as well as the efforts of the students and professors of the Academy in the field of iconography, renovation and preservation of frescoes. Finally, Mrs. Silvana Hadzi Djokic spoke of the work in renovating the destroyed and damaged churches and monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija and the efforts taken by both the Serbian Church and State. As the representative of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the Serbian Republic Mrs. Hadzi Djokic answered many questions after her lecture. Following the lecture the Boston parishioners were able to view the exhibit and speak with the professors about contemporary Serbian iconography.

The dean of the Academy, Protojerej-Stavrophor Radomir Popovic served Vespers on Saturday evening. On Sunday Fr. Radomir and Fr. Zeljko Djuric con-celebrated with Fr. Aleksandar at the Divine Liturgy. A parastos for all Serbian soldiers since the Kosovo Battle was served following liturgy. Fr. Zeljko Djuric spoke of the necessity of knowing the theological significance of the Kosovo Testament and cited the Gospel text that was directly connnected with it.

Following the service Fr. Radomir gave a lecture in the church hall on the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church with special mention of the Battle of Kosovo and the period of Turkish rule on Serbian lands. Fr. Radomir spoke of the martyrdom of Prince Lazar and the Serbian nation all of which he tied with the Christ's suffering and His resurrection. At the end of the lecture, Fr. Radomir mentioned that the answer of contemporary Christians to the challenges of this day must be evangelical since Christ is the same yesterday, today and unto all the ages of ages.

The representatives of the Academy are grateful to their hosts Fr. Aleksandar Vlajkovic, his Protinica Vera and the entire Boston parish for their Christian welcome and hospitality.

The frescoe exhibit is moving to New York where it will formally open on the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, Friday, July 7, 2006 and last until Sunday, July 9th.

Ivica Cairovic

Source: http://www.spc.yu/ 

Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate

For more pictures visit our Photo album

Скадарлијско Вече Night of Skadarlija

Српскa Православнa Црквa Светог Саве и
Коло Српских Сестара Света Петка

Вас позивају на 

Скадарлијско Вече
Донаторски концерт
1. мај 2010. 

$15 улаз, деца испод 12 бесплатно

18:30 Вечера - храна и пиће сервирани пре концерта ($10 вечера)
Концерт (храна и пиће неће бити служени за времe концерта)

Забава - свира ансамбл Бостон Балкан Експрес

Специјални гости вокали из Питсбурга:
Милутин, Наталија и Димитрије Лазић

уз пратњу пијанисте
Ирине Базик из Бостона

изводиће староградске и старе народне српске песме

Молимо вас да резервишете место до 25. априла 2010. Места ће бити додељена по редоследу пристизања ваших резервација

Сав приход од концерта је намењен  реновирању и опремању кухиње
Приложници од $500 или више добијају бон за једно коришћење сале у вредности од $1000

За додатне информације и резервације пишите на


St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church And

St Petka Circle of Serbian Sisters Cordially Invite You To A  

Night of Skadarlija
Fundraising Concert*
May 1, 2010  

$15 entry fee, children under 12 free  

6:30p.m         Food and drinks will be served prior to concert 10 dinner plates
         Concert begins (No food or drinks will be served during concert)
9:00p.m           Music and Dance by Boston Balkan Express

Special Guests include Vocalists from Pittsburgh
Milutin, Natalia & Dimitrie Lazich
Accompanied by
Boston pianist Irina Bazik  

Performing beautiful old town and classical melodies of Serbia  

RSVP by April 25, 2010,  Reserved seating will be assigned in the order of response  

*All proceeds will go to Kitchen Renovation Fund
Donations of $500 or more receive a voucher for one hall rental valued at $1,000

For more information and reservations, please e-mail

Biographies & Program

Natalija Lazich, mezzo soprano, started singing at an early age in Rijeka and Opatija, Croatia.  There, she finished music school and on moving to Beograd, she continued her studies in both music as well as interior archetectural design.   Upon moving to the United States, she studied classical voice and since then, has performed as a soloist with several performing companies in the tri-state area, including The Messiah, Elijah, Bach’s Magnificat, as well as other masses and cantatas.  
Equally trained as a musical theater performer, she has performed in summer stock theater in the roles of Katasha in The Mikado, Lady Tjung in The King and I, Bloody Mary in South Pacific and as the mother in Menotti’s Christmas Opera Amahl and the Night Vistors.
Being rooted in the Art songs from Vranja and Old Serbia, she has been a featured soloist throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Canada. She has also been invited as a guest lecturer and teacher of Serbian Songs both in the United States as well as abroad. 

Milutin Lazich, bass, is a Professor Emeritus of Voice and Director of Choirs at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Lazich has performed extensively as a soloist, with symphony orchestras throughout the United States, including the Mendelssohn Choir, The Pittsburgh and Johnstown Symphonies as well as many others.  He has sung as a bass soloist in Lord Nelson Mass, Elijah, The Creation, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony; as well as many other masses, oratorios and passions.
 Mr. Lazich, as an international opera singer, has performed with Pittsburgh Opera, Opera Theater of Pittsburgh, Belgrade National Theater as well as other companies.  Among the roles which he has performed are: Nanni in Haydn’s L’Infidelta de Lusa , Dr. Bartolo in Le Nozze di Figaro, Ramfis in Aida and King Phillip in Don Carlo, Zarastro in Magic Flute, the title role in Don Giovanni, Donner in Das Rhinegold among other major opera roles.
Equally at home on the musical stage, Mr. Lazich has performed in summer stock theater with the St. Louis Municipal Opera Company. Among the roles that he performed at the Summer Playhouse Theater in Pennsylvania were Emile DeBecque in South Pacific, Don Quixote in The Man of La Mancha, Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof and the title roles in both King and I and in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado.
He has been both a guest lecturer and performer at the University of Malta and has performed extensively both recital repertoire as well as Serbian Art Song throughout the United States and Europe.

Dimitrie Lazich, baritone, is a graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music.  He has performed leading roles in Die Zauberflote, Le Nozze di Figaro, The Rake's Progress, La Boheme, and Die Fledermaus.

Mr. Lazich has also performed leading roles with the Opera Theater of Pittsburgh, Opera Company of Philadelphia and Cleveland Opera in Candide, Bolcolm's A View from the Bridge as well as Marullo in Rigoletto, and Wagner in Faust.
In Europe he sang with the Staatsoper Stuttgart in their production of Dr. Faustus and with the Nederlands Reisopera.  As part of Music Academy of the West he performed leading roles in Il cappello di paglia di Firenze, Cosi fan tutte, Albert Herring and in Il Viaggio a Reims.

     In concert Mr. Lazich has performed both in the United States as well as in Europe as well.  He has been the featured soloist in Eiljah, The Creation, Carmina Burana, The Messiah, Pop concerts with Het Brabands orkest in The Netherlands, among others, with orchestras in the Pittsburgh area, Worcester Symphony and Chorus, Tokenskoor in Amsterdam as well as the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia. 

Irina Bazik was born on January 12th 1985 in Belgrade (Serbia) and started playing piano at the age of six. She was named an honorary citizen of Belgrade when she was only nine years old and enrolled Music Academy of Belgrade aged fourteen as the youngest student ever admitted to the Academy. Irina graduated with honors having studied with Professor Mirjana Suica-Babic, and aged twenty received a MD as a student of Professor Lidija Stankovic also at Belgrade Music Academy. She received two special awards from University of Belgrade for being the most talented and most promising piano student. She was awarded a scholarship from Boston Conservatory of Music to study with Michael Lewin from where she received her second masters degree in 2008. Irina is currently studying at Longy Conservatory of Music with prof. Randal Hodgkinson.

    At the age of eight Irina won a Special First Prize at International Competition “Petar Konjovic” in Belgrade and since then she has been competing and performing in her country and abroad. She was a winner of the International Competition “Citta di Streza” in Italy, “Nikolai Rubinstein” in Paris, 3 times Special First Prize winner of International Competition “Petar Konjovic” in Belgrade. Since her first solo recital aged ten most of her performances have been broadcasted for national television and radio stations. Irina has played as a soloist with the Belgrade Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Yugoslav Army Symphony Orchestra, Symphonia Perugina in Italy and the Eclipse Symphony orchestra in Boston.

   After receiving a scholarship from Austrian government, Irina participated in “Somerakademie”, Baden in 2002 and 2003 where she had an opportunity to work with Gorgy Nador and Sandor Falvai, both piano professors at Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest. She also represented her home country at the European Concert of young musicians in Slovenia.

  Irina opened a concert season as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of Yugoslavian Army in September 2007 performing both Chopin concertos in one night. She was invited to the 2007 summer Music Fest in Perugia (Italy) where she performed as a soloist with the Symphonia Perugina conducted by maestro Enrico Marconni in the Catedral of St. Francesco in Assisi.

   During the past 17 years Irina has performed in many major concert halls in Serbia, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, France and USA. She has made recordings for radio and television Belgrade, national radio station in Slovenia and Rai Uno in Italy.

   After graduating from Boston Conservatory of Music Irina has been involved with Berklee College of Music in Boston performing in the world premiere of Vuk Kulenovic’s “Electric Symphony” and Larry Bell’s opera “Holly Ghosts”. A dedicated chamber musician as well Irina Bazik and John Hanifin joined by artist Don Munsen made their World Debut at the Belcourt Castle in Newport, RI for a sold out audience in August 2009 reviving the Newport Concert Series held at Belcourt. Irina was recently named an Ambassador of Longy Conservatory of music.




Variations on theme "Sto se bore misli moje" by Kornelije Stankovic (Irina)
Two etudes by Vasilije Mokranjac (Irina)
Two Balkan dances by Marko Tajcevic (Irina)
Mirjano (Dimitri) Irina accompanies with piano
Hladan vetar (Milutin) C Major
Mito bekrijo (Natalija) e minor
Sreo sam te prvi puta (Dimitrie) C Major
Ne vredi plakati (Dimitrie) e minor
A sto ti je mila kceri (Natalija) c minor

Osam tamburasa (Milutin & Dimitrie) d minor chorus F Major
Moja Mala (Milutin) C Major
Zapevala sojka ptica (Natalija) C Major
Zlatan prsten (Milutin) B flat minor
Srce moje tise tise (Mirjana) d minor
Pred Senkinom kucom (Milutin & Natalija)
Kad mi pises mila mati (Dimitrie) D Major
Nema Lepse devojke (Milutin) G Major
Djelem Djelem (Natalija) d minor
Evo Banke (Dimitri) f minor

Sabor 2006

Sabor in Detroit, MI

19 th Triennial Church Assembly in Detroit, MI completes work .  For more information and complete coverage visit

President Boris Tadic

Текст на српском


Boston, MA - The first annual Serbian festival in New England was held on Saturday, September 23, 2006 hosted by the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Cambridge, MA. The goal of the festival was to present to our American friends and neighbors the Serbian culture and tradition through folklore, music, art and the traditional Serbian foods. This was the first festival of this kind in New England. The highlight of the celebration was a visit by President of Serbia Boris Tadic together with the Ambassador Ivan Vujacic from Washington D.C. This visit came after President Tadic’s participation at the General Assembly of the UN and a lecture at Harvard Universtiy on Friday evening.

Upon his arrival President Tadic first visited the church where he was greeted by young girls dressed in traditional costumes that offered him bread and salt, welcoming him. President Tadic and Ambassador Vujacic were interested in the details of the church, which was purchased just ten months ago from the Roman Catholic Church. Fr. Aleksandar and Milica Pogorzelski, Church Board president, gave the esteemed guests a tour of the church and answered their questions.

Afterward, the guests went through the exhibit of icons and frescoes in the parish hall, the work of the students of the Academy of the Serbian Orthodox Church for Iconography and Conservation from
Belgrade. The icons are replicas of the frescoes that had been destroyed during the Pogrom in Kosovo in 2003.

President Tadic was led by his hosts to the tent area where he was welcomed with thunderous applause from the parishioners of St. Sava, together with their American friends. Fr. Aleksandar began with a prayer and afterwards, on behalf of the Church Board and all of his parishioners, greeted their prominent guests and called on the president to formally open the festival.

In his address, President Tadic said, among other things: “It is a great pleasure for me to open a Serbian festival in
America. This is the first time it has happened to me. Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with our students, following the presentation that the president of Croatia and I had at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. I would like for my stay in Massachusetts and in America in general to be such to improve your life here, and in some way, to live better.

“You know very well that today we are met with very difficult challenges. However, this does not mean, despite all of our difficulties, that we should cease organizing festivals and celebrating. It is of great importance that we do everything in our power to preserve our community and respect our customs...

“On the other hand, I would like to reiterate that which I said to our students at Harvard yesterday, which is that
Serbia today is a land of great opportunity. Despite all of our many hardships I want to believe that Serbia is a land of great opportunity.”

At the end of his address President Tadic proclaimed the festival to be opened. Afterwards, he spent some time with his countrymen that live here, far from their homeland. The Serbian atmosphere was all the more present through the music of the brass band Zlatne Uste from
New York. Before departing President Tadic requested they play Tamo Daleko one more time, which they did happily.

Finally the prominent guests bid farewell to their gracious hosts and continued their travels, going to Wentworth Institute of Technology where they were greeted by Dr. Zorica Pantic, the President of this esteemed institution, and in the evening they returned to Serbia.

To the delight of all the parishioners the festival lasted until late in the evening. It was nice to see such a large number of our youth and the children for whom there were special activities. It was noticed how our young Serbian boys and girls proudly wore their Serbian sajkace (hats) which were brought from
Serbia for this occasion. The folklore group Gracanica performed in the evening. This was the first festival and it is our desire and hope that each one in the future, with God’s help, be better and more successful.

Protojerej Aleksandar Vlajkovic


December 5th Concert
December 5th Concert
December 5th Concert

On Tuesday, December 5, 2006  Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares (Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices) gave an outstanding concert at our St. Sava Church. About 400 people attended this event. We hope that everyone who attended had a great time. 

Serbian New Year\'s Party

Serbian New Year’s Party, January 13, 2007

 We thank all the people who attended New Year's party at our church. We hope you enjoyed it(despite loud music).  More than 300 people attended. Click here to see more pictures from the party.


Christmas Celebration

Nativity icon
Nativity icon
Nativity icon
Four priests and 11 altar boys served in the Altar
Four priests and 11 altar boys served in the Altar
Four priests and 11 altar boys served in the Altar
Children after Liturgy
Children after Liturgy
Children after Liturgy
Бадње Вече и Божић

It was a wonderful Christmas celebration on January 6-7 at St. Sava Church in Cambridge, MA.  Visit our Gallery to see more photos. Enjoy!

St. Sava Celebration

St. Sava of Serbia
St. Sava of Serbia
St. Sava of Serbia
Children pose with Bishop Mitrofan
Children pose with Bishop Mitrofan
Children pose with Bishop Mitrofan
Blessing of Slava Bread
Blessing of Slava Bread
Blessing of Slava Bread

St. Sava Celebration in Boston parish

Boston - St. Sava was celebrated throughout the Eastern American Diocese.  Especially festive was the celebration in Boston and Cleveland where His Grace Bishop Mitrofan served the Divine Liturgy. The patron saint for both the Boston and Cleveland churches is St. Sava. On the eve of the Feast of St. Sava, a Great Vespers service took place in the Boston parish (Cambridge). Four priests, including one monk from Greece, served in the presence of Bishop Mitrofan.  His Grace greeted the faithful people at the end of the Service.

On the actual day of St. Sava, His Grace Bishop Mitrofan together with eight other clergy celebrated the Divine Liturgy.  Besides Serbian priests there were clergy from the Greek, Romanian, Bulgarian, Georgian and Antiochian jurisdictions. During the Liturgy, Bishop Mitrofan awarded Fr. Ivan Marjanovic from the Portland parish with a rank of Protopresbyter for his many years of service. At the conclusion of the Liturgy, the Slava bread was blessed in the presence of many children and Slava kumovi, Zivadin and Borka Gvozdenovic and their children Dusan and Bojana..

In his sermon, Bishop Mitrofan emphasized the importance and greatness of St. Sava. He mentioned the recent attacks on St. Sava in the newspapers in Serbia.  Namely, an author of a text wrote that St. Sava wanted himself to become an Archbishop, ignoring historical facts that he took with him several monks and suggested that one of them becomes an Archbishop. Also, he accused St. Sava that he established the Serbian church for the Serbian elite, which is very far from the truth. The Bishop stressed that St. Sava is not only a Serbian Saint but a pan orthodox saint, and is loved and respected by other nations, which is confirmed by the presence of clergy and laity from other Orthodox jurisdictions at the Liturgy.

 After a festive lunch that was prepared by the kumovi, a children’s program followed, consisting of poems, songs and folklore. For the first time in the Boston parish, a St. Sava play was performed by the children, written by Fr. Radovan Jakovljevic. This play depicts young Rastko Nemanjic who departs for Mount Athos and becomes monk. About three hundred faithful participated in honoring St. Sava in the Boston parish.

In the evening His Grace departed from Boston and the next day, January 28, he took part in St.Sava celebration in Cleveland.

 Visit our Photo album to see photos from the celebration of St. Sava

Click here to see video clip, courtesy of Dusan Drljaca.

Текст на Српском

St. Sava Celebration

Click on image to view a short movie from St. Sava celebration at our church, courtesy of Mr. Dusan Drljaca. Visit our Photo album for additional pictures.

Sunday of Orthodoxy

Orthodox Clergy Together
Orthodox Clergy Together
Orthodox Clergy Together

The annual Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers Service, organized by the Orthodox Clergy Association of Greater Boston, took place on Sunday, February 25, at 5:00 p.m., at St. Athanasius the Great Greek Orthodox Church in Arlington.

The Pan-Orthodox Service led by over 30 clergy was attended by about 400 faithful, one of the largest gatherings for Sunday of Orthodoxy in the Boston area in recent years. A Pan-Orthodox Choir, including members from the St. Sava Choir, sang the responses beautifully.

The highlight of the celebratory service was the clergy's procession with icons around the church and the reading of the proclamation by the Ecumenical Council of 843 which ended the iconoclastic controversy and restored icons and their veneration in the Church. Because this historically took place on the first Sunday of Lent, that Sunday is now commemorated as the "triumph of Orthodoxy." St. Athanasius Church hosted the Vespers Service in their new church home and generously held a Lenten dinner reception following the Service. About half a dozen St. Sava parishioners attended the Service.

Click here for more pictures

Diocesan Assembly March 9-10 2007

Assembly delegates with Bishop Mitrofan
Assembly delegates with Bishop Mitrofan
Assembly delegates with Bishop Mitrofan

On March 9th and 10th Annual Assembly of the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Eastern America was held at St. Sava Church in Cambridge, MA.  More than 60 priests and delegates represented about thirty parishes of our Diocese.

Read a full report at

Balkan Strings Concert

Balkan Strings will perform at St. Sava Church

41 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge,MA

May 12, 2007 at 8 p.m.

Tickets $25

In advance $20

$5 discount for students

To see video click here

To hear sample of their music click below

click here-Svilen Konac

 click here-Tamo Daleko

  click here- Sano Duso

For additional information e-mail us at


Trio Balkan Strings

Zoran Starcevic & sons: Nikola and Zeljko

     The guitar family, from BelgradeSerbia, performs its original instrumental music, a fusion of many Balkan elements: Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian, Romanian, Moldavian, Bulgarian, Mediterranean, Greek, Oriental…including some Jazz improvisations and classical elements. The result, combining many cultures, is rich and unconventional, fresh and spontaneous, brimming with energy. They has performed in many Jazz, Classical Guitar, World music festivals and concerts in: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, USA…They did master classes-clinics and concerts for classical and Jazz guitar students in Europe and in the USA. One of them was at NYU - New York University.

Cooperation with Festivals, Schools, musicians and Jazz clubs is continuing in 2007 on USA tour ( Boston, New York, Chicago, Portland, Scharlotte, Washington...), and in Europe also.

First prize winner - Music World 2004 - Fivizzano-Italy - The best instrumental ensemble

First prize winner - 2005 USA Song Writing Competition - in the World music category.

       "Trio Balkan Strings dedication to the music of the Balkans and central Europe is inspiring. The guitar interpretations of this music are wonderful. Really good !!!"

John McLaughlin

     Their music is like a handmade carpet, colorful and full of beautiful ornaments, but when you look more carefully and closely, you will see all the beauty of colors and art of every single pattern, thread and string woven in. Trio Balkan Strings is that kind of a carpet which one of the best Balkan guitar players, Zoran Starcevic, has been weaving on guitar strings all his life. It demands a lot of experience and technique, as well as the sophisticated feeling.  Nikola’s and Zeljko’s classical guitar education added some classical guitar techniques and elements and therefore was very useful in writing this music. There is also an influence of the West culture, because Zoran has started his career as a rock musician. He sold a million records in various different musical styles, but his first, final and greatest love is instrumental guitar music. You cannot find anything similar to this interpretation in all the discography, because some ornaments and techniques distinctive for other instruments such as sax and violin found place here. Many of the trills, mordents and the legato technique have never been played on guitar strings before. Authentic, attractive music with the finest taste, real presentation of guitar music in Balkan style and arrangement. You will hear the perfect interpretation from three of them and the universal music language, without frontiers, that fills everyone who listens to the Trio Balkan Strings . It is a music trip to that part of Europe, so if you like any of these elements, or you simply like instrumental guitar music, Trio Balkan Strings  is your perfect choice.

     The Trio has signed a contract for CD Balkan Guitars-Guitares des Balkans with Sunset-France-PlayaSound, a French music world records company specialized in World music for thirty years. The publisher in Serbia is PGP RTS and Starcevic Production. The new CD, Water-mill, is released in March 2007.

For additional information e-mail us at


Deputy P.M. Bozidar Djelic and Minister Milica Cubrilo in Boston

On October 18, 2007 our parish had an honor to welcome distinguished guests from Serbia: Deputy Prime Minsiter Bozidar Djelic and Minister for Diaspora Milica Cubrilo. After their visit to Harvard, WIT and MIT, where they held public address, they came to St. Sava church where a reception was held.

To see more pictures from reception click here

Annual Fundraiser

On November 17, 2007 St. Sava parish celebrated second anniversary of the church purchase and held an Annual fundraiser . It was a very pleasant and succesfull event with music and folklore program  providied by Gracanica Dance Ensemble and St. Sava young girl dancing group.

To view full album click here

Book Talk- Dr. Ana S. Trbovich

St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church of Boston

Invites you to a brown bag book talk
Dr. Ana S. Trbovich 
Will discuss her new book:
"A Legal Geography of Yugoslavia's Disintegration"
(Oxford University Press, 2007)

Sunday, October 28, 2007
12 noon to 1:00 p.m.
Where: St. Sava Church Hall
41 Alewife Brook Parkway,

Dr Ana S. Trbovich teaches European Integration and Public Administration at the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration (FEFA), University of Singidunum, Belgrade, Serbia, and is a consultant for various international organizations. From 2002 to 2006, Dr. Trbovich served as Assistant Minister of International Economic Relations in the Government of Serbia, charged 
with coordinating Serbia's EU accession process and foreign investment policies. She worked on implementation of the Dayton Peace Accords in Bosnia in 1997 and actively supported democratization efforts in Serbia during the 1990s.She holds a PhD from the Fletcher School
of Law and Diplomacy, MALD, Fletcher School; MPA, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard; and BA from Tufts University as a triple-major in Economics, International Relations and French Literature. Dr Trbovich further specialized in European Union policies at the Institut
d'Etudes Politiques in France. She is the author of A Legal Geography of
Yugoslavia's Disintegration (Oxford University Press, 2007).

Brief description of the book:
A Legal Geography of Yugoslavia's Disintegration by Dr Ana S. Trbovich (Oxford University Press, Nov 2007) explains the violent break-up of the former Yugoslavia in early 1990s in the context of two legal principles: sovereignty and self-determination of peoples. Recognizing the right to independence of the former Yugoslav republics, the international community effectively recognized the right to secession, departing from the post-WWII practice that generally emphasized territorial integrity and encouraged settlement of ethnic conflicts within the borders of an existing state. The genesis behind this policy decision, which arbitrarily allocated the right to secession to the largest federal units in a state, lay in the history of Yugoslavia's disintegration, occurring in conjunction with larger global developments, such as the end of the Cold War and the reunification of Germany. The right of a territory to secede could have been firmly established by the 1991 recognition policy were it not later reversed by the staunch political refusal to call the international recognition of former Yugoslav republics a
precedent, claiming that this was not the case of secession but "dissolution." The international intervention in the former Yugoslavia thus rendered human and minority rights the only legitimate form of self-determination, specifically focusing on European integration since 1999 as a framework for peaceful conflict resolution that would stem further secessions. Only Kosovo's international recognition now, as a clear case of endorsed secession, would imply that the exclusive international focus on the internal aspects of self-determination following the recognition of former Yugoslav republics was but a temporary aberration based on geopolitical concerns and that secession remained a viable option for dissatisfied peoples in the twenty first century.

 Cambridge, MA
Јазавац пред судом

Драги пријатељи,

Српска православна црква Свети Сава и Serbian-American Alliance of New England (SANE) Вас позивају на позоришно вече са Звездара Театром из Београда у сарадњи са Народним позориштем Републике Српске из Бање Луке. Не пропустите јединствену прилику да видите великане српског позоришта. Овогодишња турнеја по Северној Америци организована је у сарадњи са: МИНИСТАРСТВОМ ЗА ДИЈАСПОРУ РЕПУБЛИКЕ СРБИЈЕ (покровитељ), СКУПШТИНОМ ОПШТИНЕ СТАРИ ГРАД – БЕОГРАД (донатор), САВЕЗОМ ДРАМСКИХ УМЕТНИКА СРБИЈЕ (организатор) и КОНГРЕСОМ СРПСКОГ УЈЕДИЊЕЊА (помоћник).

Представа ,,Јазавац пред судом

Четвртак 27. септембар 2007.

Сала школе Matignon High School

One Matignon Road

Cambridge, MA 02140

У близини цркве Свети Сава


19:30 Отварање врата

20:00,, Јазавац пред судом"


Монодраме ,,Мостови и ,, Живео живот Тола Манојловић

Субота 29. септембар 2007.

Сала српске православне цркве Свети Сава

41 Alewife Brook Pkwy

Cambridge, MA 02140


19:00 Отварање врата

19:30 Монодрама „Живео живот Тола Манојловић“

20:30 Пауза

20:45 Монодрама ,,Мостови"

21:45 Коктел и дружење са глумцима

Cугерисана донација: 

$15 по особи, cтуденти $10, деца млађа од 12 година бесплатно

На дан представе $20 по особи, cтуденти $10, деца млађа од 12 година бесплатно

Број места је ограничен. Молимо Вас да направите резервације на време.   

 Паркинг- Можете паркирати свој ауто иза школе ( око 80 места) или испред СПЦ Светог Саве.

Ако долазите аутобусом са Харвард сквера изађите на Churchil Ave.& Mass Ave. раскрсници.  Сала је далеко  око 100 м .

За додатне информације посетите, пошаљите поруку на или позовите 781-475-9648 (Бранко Глишовић).


St. Sava Celebration

St. Sava Celebration in Cambridge, MA to place on Sunday, January 2008. Slava Kumovi were Ojdrovic and Stojanovic families.

To see all pictures click here

Светосавска прослава у цркви Светог Саве у Кембриџу је одржана у недељу, 27. јануара 2008. године. И поред снега који је падао тог јутра многи парохијани су дошли и узели учешћа у прослави. Кумови славе су били породице Ојдровић и Стојановић.

Ако желите да видите остале слике притисните овде

Manastirsko vece

Погледајте фото извештај са Донаторске вечере за три манастира у Србији

Захваљујући свим донаторима прикупљено је преко $6000

Prayer vigil for our people in Kosovo

Otac Aleksandar Vlajkovic
Otac Aleksandar Vlajkovic
Otac Aleksandar Vlajkovic
Dara Calenic recituje Gracanica
Dara Calenic recituje Gracanica
Dara Calenic recituje Gracanica
Manastir Gracanica
Manastir Gracanica
Manastir Gracanica
Moleban za Srpski narod na Kosovu i Metohiji
Moleban za spas Srpskog naroda na Kosovu i Metohiji odrzan je u nedelju, 24. februara u crkvi Sv. Save u Kembridzu. 
Fotografije sa Molebna mozete videte ovde
Prayer Vigil for our Serbian people in Kosovo and Metohia was held on
Sunday, February 24, 2008 . Click here to view pictures from this event
Sunday of Orthodoxy, March 16, 2008

St. Sava Church hosted Vespers service on  Sunday of Orthodoxy, March 16, 2008 . Many clergy from various jurisdictions attended the service. V. Rev. Thomas Fitzgerald, Dean of Holy Cross School of Theology delivered the sermon. About three hundred faithfull participated in service.  Reception dinner was held in the parish hall.

To view photo album of this event click here

Црква Светог Саве у Кембриџу је била домаћин Свеправославног вечерњег боголсужења у недељу, 16. марта 2008. Око 20 свештеника из разних православних јурисдикција је узело учешћа у богослужењу и око 300 верника. Началствовао је Протојереј Алкивиадис Каливас, бивши декан Теолошког факултета Часни крст у Бостону а на крају је проповедао Протојереј Томас Фитџералд, садашњи декан факултета. Певао је мешовити хор од око 40 чланова састављен од свих православних парохија у Бостону. После Вечерњег је послужена вечера у парохијској сали

Фотографије можете погледати овде

Rachmaninoff Concert

On Saturday, March 8, 2008 Concert was held at St. Sava Church by Rachmaninoff Festival Choir. Click here to see all photos

У суботу, 8. марта 2008 одржан је концерт духовне музике- Литургија Светог Јована Златоустог од Руског композитора Сергеја Рахманиновог. Певао је велики хор Рахманинов из савезне државе Мејн.

Погледајте галерију слика овде

Easter 2008



Vrbica photos here

Велики Петак- Good Friday photos here

Васкрс-Pascha photos here

Духови и завршна приредба

У недељу 15. јуна наша парохија је прославила празник Силаска Св. Духа на апостоле. Истог дана је изведена завршна приредба у црквеној сали поводом краја школске године . Деца која похађају веронауку, часове фолклора и српску школу су узела учешћа. Слике можете погледати овде.

SerbFest 2008                               СрбФест 2008

Photo album here


It was a great pleasure to see and listen to Student choir from the Orthodox Cchool of Theolgy in Belgrade, Serbia. After chanting Vespers service at Holy Cross Seminary they held a concert at our St. Sava Church in Cambridge on Tuesday, September 16, 2008.

More photos at this link

Донаторско вече 2. мај 2009.

Крајем маја прошле године, приредили смо прво пролећно донаторско вече у жељи да прикупимо новац за поправке црквеног имања. Том приликом смо уживали у песмама које је изводила наша позната певачица Снежана Ђуришић. Током вечери смо успели да остваримо приход од око $14000 што је било довољно да фанансирамо неке од најбитнијих поправки. Поправили смо котао за грејање (мада нисмо могли да га заменимо што би решило овај проблем за дужи период). Такође, замењене су неке одводне цеви на звонику због којих је вода цурила у цркву. Почетком 2009. замењени су покидани олуци на цркви и пумпа за избацивање воде. И након ових поправки остаје нам још пуно ствари које треба урадити на уређењу/поправкама црквеног имања те се у наредним годинама томе морамо посветити многовише но до сада. Морамо што хитније да комплетно заменимо раван кров изнад црквене канцеларије и поправимо саставе на косим деловима крова јер смо приметили да вода цури на неколико места. Уколико сте обилазили око цркве сигурно сте приметили да је тротоар иза цркве у веома лошем стању и већи део би требао да буде замењен. Поред замене тротара морамо се позабавити и одводом кишнице јер смо до сада два пута имали поплаву у сали након обилних киша (вода би се са улице слила у један од улаза и након тога ушла у салу). У оквиру припрема за освећење желели би смо и да заменимо осветљење испред цркве јер су веома старо и неколико светиљки је већ одломљено или оштећено. Један озбиљан пројекат који би нашем Колу Српских Сестара значајно олакшао рад, а омогућио да се њихове активности прошире, је уградња комерцијалног шпорета у црквеној кухињи.

Као што видите списак ствари које треба урадити је веома дугачак и надамо се да ћете бити у могућности да нам помогнете јер без Ваше помоћи ништа од овога не можемо остварити. До сада смо сви били усресређени на отплату дуга за куповину цркве и успевали смо да годишње сакупимо преко $100,000 за отплату главнице. Надамо се да ћете увидети да сада имамо неке прече трошкове и да ћете преусмерити значајан део својих донација у ту сврху. Помозите да одржимо црквено имање у добром стању и да се за освећење представимо остатку Америке у најбољем светлу.

Видимо се 2. маја !!

Црквени одбор



May 2 fundraising dinner and dance

Last year we made a great effort to raise necessary funds in order to replace the heating boiler. We raised only about $14,000, which was enough to repair it but not to replace it. This year we continue investing in our heating system among other things. Recently we replaced stolen copper downspouts with aluminum ones.

There are several major repairs that are necessary: replacing the broken sidewalk on the north side of the church, repointing of the masonry walls, and repairing the roof in several areas. Also, we will need some electrical work done in our building.

The roof is already leaking in several areas, but the worst section is above church office. Water has already done some damage to the ceiling and walls. We have to start these repairs as soon as possible. Besides these mandatory repairs, we would also like to install a commercial stove in our kitchen. For all these things we need additional funds.

Therefore, we are planning a major fundraising event to be held on May 2, 2009. We have a beautiful church, but we have to take care of it. We especially have to work hard to prepare for the church consecration, which will take place in October. We count on you and hope that you will join us on the May 2 fundraising dinner and dance.

Church Board


St. Petka Circle of Serbian Sisters

cordially invites you to attend their annual slava celebration


Sunday, October 25, 2009


10 a.m. Divine Liturgy

11:30 a.m. Cutting of the slava kolac

12 p.m. Luncheon catered by Kuma Marija Ilic in church hall


Коло Српских Сестара Света Петка

Вас позива на славу


25. октобра 2009.


10 ујутру Литургија

11:30 Резање славског колача

12 Ручак у црквеној сали од Куме Марије Илић

Bishop Mitrofan in Boston

His Grace Bishop Mitrofan will visit Boston parish on March 20-21, 2010. He will join us for Vespers on March 20th at 6 p.m. and celebrate Divine Liturgy on March 21st at 10 a.m. Please join us for this festive occasion.

Његово Преосвештенство Епископ Источноамерички Господин Митрофан ће посетити нашу парохију 20-21. марта ове године. Владика ће присуствовати Вечерњем богослужењу у суботу 20. марта у 6 сати увече. Архијерејску Литургију ће служити у недељу, 21. марта у 10 ујутру. Позивамо све парохијане да се придруже овом свечаном догађају.

Fr. Dragoslav Kosic

Dear Parishioners,

As you probably know, Fr. Aleksandar has started his leave of absence on September 1. During his absence he and his family will spend one year in Serbia. He will be replaced by Fr. Dragoslav Kosic, who will spend one year in our parish with his wife Rosanda, and his daughters Anastasia, Theodora and Angelina.

Father Dragoslav and his family come to us from Mars, PA where he has faithfully served as Deacon and Secretary to His Grace Bishop of Mitrophan for the past 7 years and has visited our Boston parish many times over the years.

We encourage you to come to church and personally help us welcome Father Dragoslav, Popadija Rosanda and their beautiful, young family to Boston.

Отац Драгослав Косић

Драги парохијани,

Као што вероватно знате, Отац Александар је 1. септембра започео своје одсуство у оквиру којег ће са породицом провести годину дана у Србији. Замењиваће га Отац Драгослав Косић који ће са супругом Росандом и ћеркама Анастасијом, Теодором и Анђелином провести годину дана у нашој парохији.

Отац Драгослав је са породицом дошао из градића Марс у Пенсилванији, где је седам година верно служио као ђакон и секретар Владике Митрофана. У овом период је много пута био у посети нашој парохији.

Овом приликом желимo да вас замолимo да дођете у цркву да се упознате са Оцем Драгославом и његовом породицом, и пожелите им добродошлицу у нашу парохију.

Бранко Коцкица у Бостону!

Када: 1. маја 2011. у 13:30 часова

Где: сала цркве Св. Саве у Кембриџу
Шта: Представа ГУСАРИЈАДА

Текст: Бранко Милићевић
Слободанка Цаца Алексић 

Бранко Милићевић
Ненад Ћирић
Јанош Тот 

Музички контакт шоу са живом рок свирком. Деца из публике "глуме" хор и Бранкове помагаче. Друга Пужева представа. Премијера је изведена на мору 1978. године са правим једрењаком, на пловећој турнеји "Од Улциња до Котора". Одиграна је преко хиљаду пута. Гусари намеравају да закопају благо на пустом острву. Бранко игра гусара који неће да закопа благо него хоће да купи бицикл како би имао чиме да иде у школу. Његов капетан, барба Мића се жестоко противи, али попусти пошто гусари обећају да ће бити добри ђаци. 

За децу "од 7 и 77" година. Дођите и поведите и ви вашу децу на дружење са чувеним Бранком Коцкицом, у представи која развесељује и оплемењујује публику већ пуних 23. године. За више детаља о представи посетите 

Карате можете купити на улазу у салу.  

15 по особи, $5 за децу млађу од 12 година, $30 породични пакет (цела породица)

За додатне информације се јавите Саши Лекићу на или 617-818-6804.


Приказивање представе ,,Гусаријада'' је до сада највећи и најкомплекснији позоришни подухват у нашој малој заједници, и зато се овим путем обраћамо и апелујемо за вашу помоћ.

Наиме, треба угостити осам глумаца, креативног и техничког особља који долазе у Бостон од 30. априла до 3. маја ове године. Времена нема много, а посла око организације је пуно, па бих вас замолио да ми што пре јавите ако је могуће да примите једног или два глумца/члана екипе на преноћиште за наведени период. Ваше обавезе би биле само да их покупите са аеродрома, доведете ујутру у нашу цркву на дан представе, и на крају одвезете до аеродрома. За све друго, они би се сами снашли.

Друга, и једнако важна помоћ, је спонзорство ове представе. Циљ нам је да што већем броју наше деце (и свима онима који су одрасли уз “Коцка, коцка, коцкицу”) омогућимо једно лепо искуство и дружење са легендарним Бранком Коцкицом, зато су цене карата минималне, и успех ове организације зависи од ваших добровољних прилога. Укупни трошкови организације су преко $3,000.

До почетка представе, тражимо:

- два златна спонзора од по $500

- осам сребрних спонзора од по $250

Наравно, сваки добровољни прилог у било ком износу је више него добродошао. 

Наши спонзори ће бити унети у програм представе (ако то желе, или могу да остану анонимни), и уз своје прилоге, добијају комплет улазница за све чланове породице.
Своје добровољне прилоге, за назнаком ,,Гусаријада" можете донети на представу.



Friday, September 16, 2011 8 p.m.-12 a.m.
Saturday, September 17, 2011 12 p.m.-10 p.m.
Sunday, September 18, 2011 12 p.m.-6 p.m.

St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church of Boston is holding the sixth annual Serbian Festival in the Boston area. Celebrating the culture of Serbia, the festival will feature live music, including a brass band, and performances by Grachanitsa Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble of Boston. Come enjoy traditional Serbian food, including grilled meats, vegetarian dishes, and desserts. There will be activities for children and church tours. The festivities will also include a video presentation about Serbia, 360 panoramic views of two Serbian medieval monasteries, and a photo exhibit. More >>> 

Bishops Mitrofan and Longin in Boston

Позивамо све парохијане на свечану Архијерејску Литургију у недељу, 9. октобра 2011 у 10 часова. Служиће Њихова Преосвештенства Епископи Митрофан и Лонгин са свештеницима из Бостона и Њујорка.

Please join us for Divine Liturgy on Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 10 a.m. His Grace Bishop Mitrofan and Bishop Longin will serve together with clergy from Boston and New York.

The Circle of Serbian Sisters cordially invites you to the
celebration of our Patron Saint, St. Petka

 Date:October 23rd, 2011

Liturgy: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

 Lunch: 12:00 PM

Kuma Zdravka Radic

Донаторско Вече - Annual Fundraiser

Minister of Religion and Diaspora in Boston

We are pleased to inform you that Mr. Srdjan Sreckovic, Minister of Religion  and Diaspora will visit our parish on Sunday, December 18, 2011. He will attend Divine Liturgy in Cambridge at 10 a.m. Following lunch he will address members of our community at 1 p.m. Please join us for this occasion.


         Please visit this web site where you can find relevant information about Ministry of  Religion and Diaspora including excellent electronic textbooks for Serbian Language, History and Culture

Прослава Шесте Годишњице

Драга браћо и сестре у Христу,
Помаже Бог!
Срдачно Вас позивамо на прославу шесте годишњице наше нове цркве у Кембриџу. Били смо благословени напредком нашe парохије, нарочито у броју деце која долазе у нашу цркву сваке недеље. Време је да се окупимо поводом прославе годишњице и Донаторске вечери, која ће се одржати у суботу 19. новембра и да заједно прославимо наше успехе.

Имајте на уму да је ово и време када се обраћамо нашим парохијанима за подршку у исплати главнице нашег кредита. Ово је вероватно последња година у којој ће све ваше донације за исплате главнице кредита бити дуплиране. Надам се да ћете искористити ову значајну повољност да удвостручимо сваки долар који дате за исплату хипотеке. Ако кроз ваше великодушне прилоге успемо да скупимо 100.000 долара, моћи ћемо да смањимо дуг скоро на пола. Помозите нам да испунимо овај циљ.

Надамо се да ћемо вас видети на овом, за нашу парохију, веома битном догађају. Уколико имате неких питања слободно се обратите било ком члану управног одбора. Управни Одбор цркве Св. Саве

Тренутни износ хипотеке
на дан 30. септембра 2011.
$ 411.500

Програм за увећање донација
$1 за $1
Сваки долар који приложите биће удвостручен од стране једне дарежљиве породице.

За резервације молимо вас попуните приложени формулар и пошаљите га на или црквену адресу.

Удвостручење ваших донација!
Имамо изузетну прилику да значајно смањимо кредит за отплату цркве! Породица Едгерли је понудила изазов целој заједници да до краја 2011.г. скупимо 250000 долара, при чему ће они ту суму да удвоструче! На протеклој Донаторској вечери скупили смо око 60000 долара, и та свота ће бити удвостручена. Смањењем главнице кредита знатно ће се смањити и финансијси притисак на цркву, што ће нам омогућити да много активније наставимо развијање разноврсних културних и религијских програма, а посебно оних намењених деци које, хвала Богу, има све више и више. Зато вас молимо да размотрите да приложите вашу донацију за кредит до 12. децембра, пошто смо обавезни да главницу уплатимо до 21. децембра. Уплате можете да извршите чеком написаним на "St. Sava Church" са напоменом "For Mortgage" и пошаљете га поштом на
St. Sava Church
41 Alewife Brook Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02140
НОВО! Почели смо да примамо донације преко Пеј Пала!
Dollar-for-dollar matching of your donations!
We have a unique opportunity to substantially lower our mortgage for the church building! The Edgerley Family offered a challenge to our entire community to raise $250,000 until the end of 2011, and promised to match that amount! At the past Fundraiser we raised around $60,000, and that amount will be doubled. By decreasing the loan principal, the financial pressure on the church will substantially decrease, which would enable us to even more actively continue the development of rich cultural and religious programs, particularly those for the children whose numbers are, thank God, ever increasing. For this reason, please consider donating for mortgage until December 12, since we need to make a major principal payment on December 21. Please make your check payable to "St. Sava Church", with “For Mortgage” in the memo, and mail it to:
St. Sava Church
41 Alewife Brook Parkway
Cambridge, MA 02140

NEW! We have started accepting donations through PayPal!

Дочек православне Нове године

Када: Петак, 13. јануар 2012. у 20 часова
Где: сала цркве Св. Саве у Кембриџу

Свечани дочек Нове године по јулијанском календару уз оркестар Балкан Експрес Бостон и Мариу Колеву. Специјалитети домаће кухиње ће такође бити доступни.
$15 по особи, $10 за студенте, за децу млађу од 12 година улаз бесплатан. Вечера се наплаћује додатно $10.  Карте можете купити на улазу. 

Детаљније >>>



Orthodox New Year Celebration

When: Friday, January 13, 2012 at 8 PM
Where: St. Sava Church Hall

Julian Calendar New Year's Eve celebration with Balkan Express Boston Orchestra and special guest from New York, Maria Koleva. Maria Koleva comes from a musical family and began singing when she was ten years old. She received her musical education in Bulgaria. Upon graduating, she performed in Bulgaria and other Balkan countries, including performances for Bulgarian Radio and Television. Since her arrival in America, Maria has performed in major U.S. and Canadian cities and recorded several albums.
Maria has a wide repertoire of songs from the Balkans, including Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia. For more information, please visit her website
Specialties of local cuisine will also be available.

To purchase tickets use PayPal link above or send check to:
St. Sava Church
Attn: New Year's dance
41 Alewife Brook Pkwy
Cambridge, MA 02140

$15 per person, $10 for students, kids under 12 FREE!

Food is sold at $10 per person.

For more information contact us at  or 617-674-4035.



The Circle of Serbian Sisters cordially invites you to the celebration of our Patron Saint, St. Petka

 Date: October 23rd, 2011

Liturgy: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

 Lunch: 12:00 PM

Kuma Zdravka Radic


St. Sava Celebration-Савиндан

St. Sava Celebration will take place on Sunday, January 29, 2012
10 a.m. Divine Liturgy
12 p.m. Lunch with children's program

Прослава Савиндана ће бити у недељу 29. јануара
10 часова Света Литургуја
12 часова  Свечани ручак и програм
Генерална проба у суботу 28. јануара од 4 до 6 поподне
Прослављен Савиндан у Бостону

У Бостону је свечано прослављен Савиндан-храмовна слава парохије као и школска слава. Уз присуство великог броја парохијана пререзан је славски колач у недељу, 29. јануара. После свечаног ручка деца из парохије су извела богат културно уметнички програм. Око 50 деце је учествовало у програму. Домаћини славе су били Петар и Вера Величковић са својом фамилијом.
Погледајте фотографије овде
Погледајте видео снимак овде

St. Sava Celebration photos here
New Year Party


Photo album form New Year's party
Бадње вече и Божић-Christmas

Мир Божији ! Христос се роди!

Бадње вече и Божић свечано су прослављени и ове године у парохији бостонској уз присуство око 600 верника. 

Погледајте фотографије овде

Погледајте Божићни Гласник

За остале службе у току јануара погледајте календар и одаберите јануар

Peace from God ! Christ is born!

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration this year.

To see Christmas album click here

For detailed schedule of services visit our calendar page

New Glasnik click here

Concert of Sacred Music

Join us for a concert of sacred music to celebrate the Triumph of Orthodoxy
featuring several Boston area choirs
Saturday, March 3rd, at St. Sava Church in Cambridge
Vespers at 6 p.m.
Concert at 7 p.m.
Refreshments to follow
Click here for Poster


Петак, 6. jануар - Бадњи дан
Литургија................................................................. 10 ујутру
Бадње вече, Бденије...............................................7 увече
Субота, 7. jануар – Божић
Света Литургија.....................................................10 ујутру
Недеља, 8. јануар - Сабор пресвете Богородице
Света Литургија ......................................................10 ујутру
Понедељак, 9. јануар
Свети Архиђакон Стефан .......................................10 ујутру
Субота, 14 -1јануар - Св. Василије , Нова Година
Света Литургија....................................................... 10 ујутру
Среда, 18. јануар, Крстовдан (пост)...............         10 ујутру
Четвртак, 19. јануар , Богојављење .......................10 ујутру
Петак, 20. јануар , Свети Јован ............................. 10 ујутру
Петак  27. јануар, Свети Сава ………………...........…      10 ујутру
Недеља 29. јануар, Светосавска академија .........10 ујутру
Вечерње се служи суботом и уочи великих празника у 6 увече


January 6, Liturgy------------------------------------------------10 a.m.
Christmas Eve Service -Vigil------------- -----------------------7 p.m.
January 7, Christmas Liturgy -----------------------------------10 a.m.
January 8, -------------------------------------------------------10 a.m.
January 9, -------------------------------------------------------10 a.m.
January 14/1 St. Basil the Great / New Year-------------------10 a.m.
January 18, Epiphany Eve – Krstovdan ------------------------10 a.m.
January 19, Epiphany -------------------------------------------10  a.m.
January 20, St. John the Baptist -------------------------------10 a.m.
January 27, St. Sava---------------- --------------------------- 10 a.m.
January 29, St. Sava program  ---------------------------------10 a.m.


Parenting and the Lenten Journey
By Dr. Philip Mamalakis
Friday, March 23rd, 7 p.m.
St. Sava parish hall

Lent is a time the Church offers us to pay more attention to the spiritual life and our spiritual growth. Yet, in our homes, life goes on as normal. We need to get our kids up in the morning, get them fed, and off to school. After school, we have homework and lessons, dinner time and getting kids to bed. Join us on Friday evening, after service, to hear Dr. Mamalakis discuss how the Lenten Journey in of the Church relates to the parenting challenges we face in the home. Bringing Lent into our homes goes beyond fasting and going to Church more. Dr. Mamalakis will present real strategies for how we live out the spiritual life of the Church by the way we parent our children throughout the week. These strategies are for grandparents, uncles, aunts, teachers, priests, and all who work with children

Позивамо све парохијане и пријатеље цркве Св. Саве у Кембриџу да нам се придруже на прослави Празника над Празницима- Васкрсења Христовог.
Васкршње јутрење у 11:00 увече
Васкршња Литургија у 10 ујутру
После Литургије свечани ручак за све уз музику уживо

Please join us in celebration of Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, Sunday April 15.
Paschal Matins at 11 p.m.
Paschal Liturgy at 10 a.m.
Lunch will be served for all after the Liturgy
Промоција књиге Милева Марић Ајнштајн-Живот са A. Ајнштајном

У суботу 26. маја 2012 у 19:00  у Сали СПЦ Свети Сава у Кембриџу,  одржаће се промоција књиге:


Аутор књиге је проф. др Радмила Милентијевић.




Уводна реч:                                      Жана Јовановић – глумица

Реч о књизи:                                     проф. др Радмила Милентијевић

Следи део са питањима и одговорима и коктел

2011 luncheon schedule





Sylvia Bartel

January 2nd

Post/Lent (extra lunch)

Yasmina Spector

Event Group 7 (2010-11)

January 6th (Thurs)

Bandja Vece/Christmas Eve

Yasmina Spector

Bojana Popic

January 7th (Friday)

Bozic/Christmas Day

Aleks Zivanovic

Suzana Forkapic

January 9th

Ljubica Forkapic

Event Group 8 (2010-11)

January 15th

New Years Dance

Ivana Stojanovic

Ivana Stojanovic

January 16th

Day After Event

Yasmina Spector

Sylvia Bartel

January 23th

(extra lunch)

Yasmina Spector

Kum Njegovan Nickovic

January 30th

St Sava

Kuma Tanja Milojevic

Marija Ilic

February 6th

Annual Assembly

Stoja&Nev Krstanovic

February 13th

Natasa Kuljic

Marija Jankovich

February 20th

Vera Velickovic

Zoran Coric

February 27th

Radmila Vranic

Jelica Milicevic

March 6th

KSS Annual Meeting

Dana Elezovic

Irina Stojanovic

March 13th


Natasa Velickovic

Trajanka Milojevic

March 20th

Lent / Post

Jelisaveta Nickovic

Jasmina Vesic

March 20th

Lent / Post

Snezana Novakovic

March 27th

Lent / Post

Jelena Glisovic

Nada Jovanovic

April 3rd

Lent / Post

Zorica Arbutina

Miljana Bovan

April 10th

Lent / Post

Sasha Lekic

Event Group 1

April 16th

(Event 1) Vrbica/Lazarus Saturday

Maja Amovic

Milan Dragojevic

April 17th

Lent / Post

Dinara Nickovic

Event Group 2

April 24th

(Event 2) Pascha / Vaskrs

Suzana Forkapic



Sv. Nikolaja Zickog

Djordje Koldzic

Mary Grgurevich

May 8th

Mother's Day (Event 3) (Graduation)

Nada & Suzana help out

Stana Glogovac

May 15th

Mara Vucinic

Sylvia Bartel

May 22nd

(extra lunch)

Pamela Tomic

Dusanka Zilic

May 22nd

Olga Boskovic

May 29th

Memorial Day Weekend (no lunch)

Zorica Djordjevic

June 5th

Daka Matin

June 12th

Pentecost (Kolo Potluck) Kosic Farewell

June 19th

(extra lunch) No Luncheon

Event Group 4

June 26th

(Event 4) Vidovdan (Lent/Post)

Natasa Kuljic

July 3rd

4th of July Weekend Lent / Post (No Lunch)

Sylvia Bartel

July 10th

Lent / Post

Pamela Tomic

Alice Tomic Shattuck

July 10th

Lent / Post

Milica Pogorzelski

July 17th

Marina Geracoulis

Marija Ilich

July 24th

(extra lunch)

Ivana B & IvanV

July 31st

St Sava Picnic (church board)

August 7th

Lent/ Post (extra lunch)

August 14th

Lent/ Post (extra lunch)

August 21st

Dormition Fast / Post

Event Group 5

August 28th

(Event 5) KSS Picnic

Mara Vucinic

Maja Amovic

September 4th

Rista Amovic

September 11th

Service in Maine (Strict Fast)


September 16-18th

Serbian Festival

Church Board

Natalia Pantelic

September 25th

Sanja Stojkovic

Vesna Grigorjev

October 2nd

cell: 617-794-6672

Lana Balach

Violeta Jeliazkova

October 9th

Protection Theotokos

Bulgarian Community

Dragana Jovanovic

October 16th

Xenia Dancevic

Tanja Bugarinovic

October 16th

Kuma Marija Ilic

October 23rd

St. Petka Kolo Slava

Kuma Zdravka Radic

Gordana Cosic

October 30th

Lidija Milojevic

Dragica Mihailovic

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Концерт Дечијег Ансмбла Свети Сава

Драги пријатељи,


У име Дечијег Фолклорног Ансамбла Св. Сава, желимо да вас позовемо да нам се придружите 2-ог Јуна 2012 на приложничкој вечери за наш ансамбл.


Наша деца су вам припремила наступ на којем су јако вредно радили током године. Специјални гости вечери су: Грачаница - Српски Фолклорни Ансамбл и Балкан Екпрес бeнд.


Почетак је у 18 и 30 часова у сали цркве Св. Саве.

Адреса: Црквa Св. Саве у Кембриџу ( Бостон)

41 Alewife Brook Parkway

Cambridge, MA 02140


Карте можете купити на улазу: $10 одрасли или $25 по породици.

Вечера није укључена у цену карте. Сав сакупљени новац користиће cе за потребe дечјег фолклорног ансамбла.


Ако нисте у могућности да дођете а желите да дате прилог, то можете учинити на веб страници ако кликнете овде


 Велико хвала!





Dear Friends,


On behalf of St.Sava Children’s Folk Dance Ensemble of Boston, we would like to invite you to join us June, 2nd 2012 for Fundraising Dinner Event!


The children ensemble would like to show you what they have been working on very hard this past year. Please come enjoy the performance along with our special guests: Grachanitsa Serbian Folk Dance Ensemble and Balkan Express Band.


Event begins at 6:30pm in the St. Sava Church Hall.

Address: St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church of Boston

41 Alewife Brook Parkway

Cambridge, MA 02140


Tickets can be purchased at the door: $10 Adults or $25 per Family.

Dinner will be available for purchase. All proceeds will benefit St.Sava Children’s Folk Dance Ensemble.


If you are unable to attend but wish to donate through Paypal, please go to this web page


Thank you All!


Click on image то view album
Click on image то view album
It was a wonderful celebration of Vrbica and Annunciation at St. Sava Church in Cambridge. Many children took part in service along their parents and grand parents. More photos click here


Празник Благовести и Врбица су свечано прослављени и у Бостонској парохији уз учешће мноштва деце и њихових родитеља. После службе и Литије око црке послужен је ручак за све. Погледајте комплетан албум фотографија
Погледајте  Распоред за додатне службе следеће седмице.

Христос Воскресе! Christ is Risen!

У цркви Св. Саве у Кембриџу( Бостон)свечано је прослављен Празник над Празницима-Васкрсење Христово. Током целе страсне седмице одржавана су редовна богослужења у храму. Око хиљаду верника узело је учешћа на две главне службе:Васкршњем јутрењу и Светој Литургији.Погледајте фото извештај на овом линку

You can see new photos from recent celebration of Pascha at this link
Vidovdan 2012

Позивамо све парохијане на Видовданску прославу која ће се одржати у недељу, 24. јуна с почетком у 10 часова ујутру.

Специјални гости ће бити омладина из српских парохија широм Америке, предвођена са два свештеника: оцем Стевом из Пенсилваније и оцем Раселом из Монтане. После Свете Литургије служиће се заједнички парастос.

На сам дан празника 28 јуна Литургија ће се служити у 10 часова

У току јула и августа Света Литургија недељом и празницима почиње у 9 ујутру

Please join us for Vidovdan celebration on Sunday, June 24th at 10 a.m.

Special guests will include Serbian youth from other Serbian parishes in US lead by Fr. Stevo from Pennsylvania and Fr. Russell from Butte, Montana.
After Liturgy there will be a Memorial service.
Also, on June 28th Liturgy will be served at 10 a.m. 

In July and August all services will start at 9 a.m.

April 9, 2012

Holy Monday

 6:00 p.m.

April 10, 2012

Holy Tuesday

 6:00 p.m.

April 11, 2012

Holy Wednesday Liturgy

10:00 a.m.

April 11, 2012

Holy Wednesday

 6:00 p.m.Holy

April 12, 2012

Holy Thursday Liturgy

 10 a.m.

hApril 12, 2012

Holy Thursday Vigil

 6:00 p.m.

April 13, 2012